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My Week With Mollie


I've decided to include some elements of my life on this blog, don't worry I won't bore you with day-to-day stuff but just relevant happenings!

So as stated, I've spent a week in Eastbourne with my best friend Mollie at her university and I can't tell you what a brilliant time I've had!

All her housemates are friendly, her room is all cosy with a TV and a copious amount of Disney DVD's and if there's anything I do LOVE, its Disney films so I've been pretty lazy by watching them every day.

Whilst I've been here we've been ten pin bowling with her friend and her friend's boyfriend, I actually won a game for the first time in my life!- happy dance~ then Mollie treated me to a Toby Carvery and we chilled back at the flat and watched Disney films because why not?! Wednesday was pretty spectacular too, we spent the day in Brighton and visited the Sea Life center to which I just turned back into a kid again! Then we came across the famous Choccy-Woccy-Do-Dah chocolate shop in The Lanes, I got a white hot chocolate which was perhaps the best I have ever tasted. It was like melted chocolate, so rich and creamy mmm!

With some relevance of this blog referring to books, on Tuesday as it was a pretty miserable day weather wise. We decided to go to the cinema to see The Book Thief, which to my surprise I thoroughly enjoyed. As you know I adore the book and I was convinced that the film wouldn't live up to my expectations but it did! I do confess however from what I remember the scene in the book where Liesel runs up to Max in the street when he's walking with the others Jews, it wasn't as dramatic as it felt in the book. Yes Liesel was told to stay away but for me that was such an emotional heart wrenching part of the book where it doesn't matter who somebody is we are all equal and we shouldn't be discriminated by a stereotypical image that is twisted and just despicable. It may sound silly and perhaps strange, but I wanted to cry at that point of the film but I didn't there wasn't much emotion. I'm not suggesting the actors weren't acting because they all played their parts brilliantly, but yes I just felt that this part of the book needed a bit more what's the word? Oomph, yes a bit of oomph. But I loved it and it made me want to read the book again!

I may do more posts like this one in the future but like I said from the beginning of this post, I will intend to make these relevant in some way or another. I thought it would just be nice to share with you a lovely week to the start of my Easter break from university.

Happy reading guys! 

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