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Allegiant by Veronica Roth


Allegiant by Veronica Roth ~Goodreads~
Published by HarperCollins Children's Books 2013
Paperback 544 pages ~The Book Depository~

*WARNING: This review has spoilers, read at your own risk of spoiling this wonderful book for yourself!

The final installment of Veronica Roth's Divergent trilogy, Allegiant. The faction based community Tris believed in has now been shattered by violence and the desire for power with devastating consequences of loss and betrayal. Now she is offered the chance to go beyond the fence into a world where herself and Tobias will perhaps live a new simple life, free of lies, confused loyalties and horrific memories.

Tris and Tobias' new reality is even more concerning than what the world was that she had left behind her, new truths unfold and once again the constant fight to understand the complexities of life which facing decisions whether to have courage, love and sacrifice.

Well first of all I am saddened to have finished this book, it really was a brilliant read! 

Throughout the trilogy we see Tris in a number of situations where she is on the verge of giving up her life for others and something inside my head was alerting me that at some point she will in fact sacrifice herself to save the one's she loves. 

 I think that Tris dying shows that not everything does have a happy ending (as depressing as this comes across its true) and not everyone lives. In the majority of books I myself have read, the main character's have survived death when being in life threatening situations. Which I'm definitely not mocking at all, I mean its great having your favourite character's battle through to the end but I felt with this book for some reason it was in some ways an eye opener.

For me the whole meaning of this trilogy, is the fact that life is one big mystery. You don't know what is around the corner and anything can happen. I feel it represents the fact that not everything in life turns out the way you want it too, you have to make sacrifices to move on and grow as a person. I don't mean that at some point in your life you'll have to kill yourself to save someone you love, I hope that situation never happens to any of you! But unfortunately in books and in today's society people do give up their lives to protect the one's they love, whether its because of war or even being a kidney donor for example where there is a risk of complications.

With this aside, the outlook you get from reading this trilogy for me is that you need to make the best of the life you have, live for the moment and do what you believe is right even if the outcomes are not in your favour. Decisions have to be made and every decision leads to a different path, you just need the courage and belief that things will work out for the best whatever the situation.

I apologise if this review seems rather depressing to any of you haha, I don't mean for it to seem so deep! It brought out a lot of thoughts inside my head, but like I said I really enjoyed this book and the Divergent trilogy as a whole.

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