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Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell


Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell ~Goodreads~
Published by Macmillan Children's Books 2014
Paperback 300 pages ~The Book Depository~

Fangirl is about a girl called Cath who is a Simon Snow fan. In fact the whole world is a Simon Snow fan, for Cath though being a fan is her life and she's brilliant at it. She and her twin sister Wren, centered their lives around the Simon Snow series when they were kids and it helped them through their mother leaving them at a young age. 
Hanging out in Simon Snow forums, reading, rereading, writing fan fiction and even dressing up like the characters for every movie premier- dedicated fan girls right?
Although Wren has grown out of the fandom, Cath can't and wont't let it go.
Now they're at college, Wren has been upfront and told Cath she doesn't want to be her roommate. Cath on her own being completely outside of her comfort zone, she has a surly roommate with a charming, always present boyfriend, a professor who detests fan fiction, a handsome classmate who only wants to write, oh and she can't stop worrying about her Dad who is loving but fragile and has never been alone.
Join Cath and find out whether she can make it through college living her own life, writing her own stories and will she ever move on if it means leaving Simon Snow behind?

Boy, where do I even begin with this book review?! The funny thing is I can't really put it into enough words of what I thought of this novel it is just outstanding! If anything it turns you into even more of a fan girl...

I feel that with Cath and Wren, everyone who reads this book can relate to either of them. For me I personally relate to Cath a lot more than I do Wren. Cath is this shy, reserved, geeky, witty girl who spends most of her time thinking of the next chapter to write for her fanfiction novel. She doesn't enjoy socialising much, which Wren does a lot of. Wren is a lot more outgoing and enjoys drinking and hanging out with friends and surrounding herself with big groups of people. Cath would rather sit in her room and enjoy the simple things in life like reading and writing- don't be under the impression that Cath is boring because she is definitely not that! She's a character you will love and think to yourself "oh my gosh that is so me...I've felt like that too!".

Now Levi, Levi Levi Levi! Forget Mr Darcy, Mr Rochester and all them gorgeous romantic leading men in our best loved novels. Levi is the modern day representative, he is cute, flirty, tall, and just completely loveable. If anything I think I fell in love with him the minute he comes on the scene and I think everyone feels the same!

Overall this book makes you think about your teenage self, your first love and your desire to prove to people you are your own person. It makes you cheer on your favourite characters and fangirl over Levi a little bit too much.
As someone who has read/written fanfiction I definitely felt like I was very much involved with this novel, everything about it made me think about to when I use to rush home from school to read my friends fanfiction and get started on the next chapter of my own, so thank you Rainbow Rowell for making me re-live my teenage years in a hilarious way :)

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