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My Grandad


Recently I've been thinking about what really matters in life, I think every one of us gets caught up in silly things that don't necessarily matter as much as what other things do in our lives. I'm not saying trying to get a tweet off your favourite actor/musician/tv personality star isn't important because to you it is (and also because I know what its like when you actually receive a reply ah!). I'm just stating that for the majority of us other things tend to be far more important. Family for instance, so today I'm going to be blabbing on about who this lovely man with me in the photograph is and what he means to me.

Obviously the picture above is dated but I'm fine with that. As you're aware from the title, this man holding me is my Grandad (my Mum's Dad).

This blog entry won't be enough to express how much I admire and love my Grandad, to me other than my Dad he is the greatest man I will ever know- I know that for a fact.

I don't know everything about my Grandad obviously, but what I do know is that he was in the RAF (Royal Air Force) and after several years of service he then worked for a company that made cables (sounds boring I guess but hey ho) and at the age of 65 he retired.

On birthdays he tends to receive different presents such as flying a small aircraft and going up in hot air balloons, he's very much the adventurous type in that he'll most likely try anything once. A distinct memory in my head was the time as a family we spent the weekend at Butlins holiday park, we went swimming and they had this mushroom ride where you went down a slide and at the end you drop into a bowl and spin around until you eventually fall out the bottom and plunge into deep water. Now for starters, I didn't dare go on it because I was petrified of drowning- that sounds so dramatic but knowing me I probably would! You can probably guess, the next minute I see my Grandad drop out the bottom. I was speechless and yet at the same time I was impressed, just amazing considering he's 75!

Which brings me onto the fact he keeps himself fit, he has his own allotment  and occasionally he goes to bowls with his friends.

I'm rambling a bit too much now, but I love all the little things he does it makes me smile a lot. He has us 11 grandchildren and like any grandparent he calls us all by our different names until he finally gets the right one, bless him!

He's my ultimate hero, whenever I've lost confidence in myself with my education he's always given me that confidence back. He gives such support in wishing me good luck with exams and just inquiring after me, just them little things that mean the most. I visit him regularly on a Saturday afternoon after I've finished work and he gives me the biggest hug and kiss I could wish for. I remember being a little girl and he'd answer the door to me and he'd lift me up off the ground and give me a huge hug tickling me with his beard- always made me laugh. He's one of those people that would do anything for you. He's been doing up my Auntie's house for a few years now and boy does it look amazing, the transformation of it all is just astounding! One afternoon I said to my mum "I hope Grandad's around to do up my house when I move out" and she laughed, and slightly embarrassingly told my Grandad what I had said. He responded with "If I'm still around I would be more than happy to do it", can you believe that haha, I mean its not likely to happen but seriously what an amazing man he is.  I couldn't ask for a better grandparent, he is just priceless!

What I'm getting at is that its the people closest to us that mean the most, at times they may get on your nerves but they love you. That's never going to change, I cherish every moment I spend with my Grandad as we all know unfortunately they can't stay with us forever if only it were possible.

So my message for you guys today is to go and spend time with your loved one's and cherish every moment you have with them.

As always thank you for reading!

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