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Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher


Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher ~Goodreads~
Published by Indigo 2013
Paperback 320 pages ~The Book Depository~

'Fifteen-year-old Zoe has a secret—a dark and terrible secret that 

she can't confess to anyone she knows. But then one day she hears

 of a criminal, Stuart Harris, locked up on death row in Texas. 

Like Zoe, Stuart is no stranger to secrets. Or lies. Or murder.'

For me this book brought quite a unique reading experience, it's based around a girl who hides her identity but otherwise describes every detail towards the death of her former boyfriend.

She begins her story as being a girl caught between two boys- the kind of boy that every girl dreams of who is an arrogant jock like figure and then you have the sweet, caring boy that remind you of "the guy in the background" you know they're an amazing person but you're too wrapped up in the flirty jock like guy to notice that the nicer guy is more than likely a better person to be with.

And so Zoe decides to obtain an address of a convicted murderer Mr Stuart Harris (who killed his wife after discovering she cheated on him) from a death row website, where she writes him letters to confined in him about murdering her boyfriend because she feels he is the only one who can understand her thoughts and feelings- although he never writes back. In an odd kind of way despite her not receiving replies from him she develops a connection with him, from addressing him as Mr Harris from the beginning of the book to then ending the final letter with his forename Stuart. It seems that with this she learns to come to terms with her actions and takes a step in the direction of accepting that there isn't anything she can do to undo what she's done.

I did enjoy reading this book, however I felt that to make me love the book even more would be for Zoe to actually receive replies from Mr Harris, as creepy and obviously impossible that would be. I think it would have been really interesting to get into the mind of how perhaps men on death row feel, do they care? Are they scared? What exactly goes through their minds? For me that would have given the book an even more of  a twist!

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