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Paper Towns by John Green


Paper Towns by John Green ~Goodreads~
Published by Bloomsbury 2013
Paperback 320 pages ~The Book Depository~

Before I begin this review on Paper Towns, I just want to warn you that I am a huge fan of John Green so I may blabber on about how great he is- so bear with me!

Paper Towns is the story of a boy named Quentin Jacobsen who is drawn into an adventure by his childhood friend and secret love Margo Roth Spiegelman. When they were children they discovered a dead man's body; an event that ties them together in ways they don't realise and as they grow up they drift apart.

Quentin and his friends Radar and Ben are introduced as the nerd group in school, whilst Margo is the most popular girl in school who has a reputation for her disappearances. One night Margo sneaks into Quentin's bedroom window and asks him to help her execute an eleven part plan which involves taking revenge on Margo's ex-boyfriend. 

I'm gonna be honest, I thought the book at first was slow going and I was a little saddened by this but I kept going knowing that John Green couldn't possibly disappoint me with his brilliance!

Margo was definitely my favourite character as she had so much depth to her, she's one of those people in the beginning where she's popular and everyone loves her and being someone who is further down the social ladder like Quentin I thought she was the typical popular girl who loved being center of attention. It was only when I realised in fact she hates being center of attention and she feels as if she has to put on a front because people have a certain perception of her that she feels she needs to uphold, but with Quentin she can be her normal self.

What I learned from this book is that you are your own person and no matter how hard you try to be like something you're not its not possible because we're all meant to be different and nobody knows exactly who we are but only what they imagine us to be. The same with other people, we don't know the in's and out's of who they are we just have a small chunk of who they could be.

For me this book was another masterpiece by John Green, every story he comes up with has so much meaning and the thought behind all the characters is just mind blowing. He takes each character into consideration and really gives them meaning. I'm not even sure I'm making sense but I just love that from a simple storyline there can be so much meaning and purpose behind it.

Anyway enough of me blabbing on here are a couple of quotes from the book that I really liked:

"Nothing ever happens like you imagine it will...".

"Imagining isn't perfect. You can't get all the way inside someone else...But imagining being someone else, or the world being something else, is the only way in. It is the machine that kills fascists".

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