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Eastbourne- Middle Farm


Hello everyone, I hope you're enjoying your weekends and I thought I would share with you all my few days away spent in Eastbourne with my best friend Mollie.

Mollie's back at university and I always like to pop down there and show my face (mainly because I miss her loads and go a bit insane).

We always find it hard to think of different things to do when I'm there, this time however we found 'Middle Farm' which was only a twenty minute drive away.

When we thought the situation couldn't get any better, we discovered that we had the place to ourselves!

Greeted by chickens and ducks, we made our way to an open field where Jersey cows were grazing and even a llama was present!

Having visited plenty of farms before, particularly in the Somerset region where my great uncle lives and works I was pretty much at home.

There's something lovely about seeing the animals graze on the grass and make their noises. 

My favourites were probably the pigs as they had only just given birth to piglets- simply adorable! 

After wondering around the farm we mooched around the farm shop and bought some local cider, because who doesn't want some local produce?!

And we picked up some homemade Christmas gifts, am I allowed to mention Christmas yet? Probably not buy it definitely got me in the mood!

I'm very much getting in to the Autumn mood, Mollie had been making me hot chocolates before bed and we put on our fluffy bed socks and watched Disney films of an evening.

Now that I'm home I do realise how much I love being away but love coming home. Despite me having work this weekend it's nice to get back into a routine and look forward to what the rest of this month holds.

I'm even visiting my uncle in Somerset at the beginning of next month. So this visit to Middle Farm was a great way to get me in the country mood. If I'm at home anywhere it's in the countryside with the wildlife and peace and quiet- the perfect setting for autumn!

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