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George Ezra


I like to think of myself as a bit of a gig-goer but last week I had two, yes they were amazing but I was definitely shattered after them both. Perhaps next time I think two gigs in one week is a good idea I will give it a second thought!

Anyhow let me tell you how fabulous George Ezra was last Thursday night...

WOW just wow. I attended the gig with one of my best friends, Jodie. The gig was at Shepherd's Bush Empire in London where I have only been once before for a gig back in 2009 seeing Cobra Starship (seriously feels like a lifetime ago!). A beautiful building, cute and intimate for an act like George Ezra.

As we were queuing up to go in, I noticed it was pretty much a female audience who dragged their boyfriends along with them. In fact I've never been to a gig quite like it other than seeing The Lumineers last year, I could actually move freely without someone in my personal bubble. To our surprise we were two rows back in the center of the room- the perfect location to see George's cute face (and believe me it is cute!). I was honestly shocked at how lucky we were.

As anticipated, George was a delight to see perform. His sound is as good if not better live than listening to him on my iPod, he gave great stage presence and even brought his fruit tea to drink on stage- adorable right?!

I seriously suggest you check out his debut album 'Wanted on Voyage' released in June this year. I am desperate to see him again, he was just fantastic! His support Rae Morris was also fantastic, a distinct voice and wonderful hair (so so jealous). 

Until next time George!

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