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Hello October

How is it October already? I have the horrible feeling that September wasn't exactly a productive month, but I woke up this morning feeling motivated to begin something new.

As you may or may not have read on this blog previously, I dropped out of university and I'm basically trying to find my feet. I hate being out of education, I love learning, learning is something that I cherish a great deal.

Taking that into account, I'm considering enrolling on an English Literature course with the Open University. This may not seem that bigger deal but for me to give university another go and hope that I will gain a degree that will change my career direction- I see it as a huge deal!

I guess September time I have been researching as much as I can about the course and the way I will study it, you may already know but with OU you study at home and can take up to 8 years to complete a degree. Ideally I would like to be a full time student and gain my degree within 3 years but I do have an option to change this. I have spoken to a friend of mine who has just begun her OU experience and I'm hoping they will keep me updated with how they're getting on, and if I decide to go ahead with enrolling on the course I will start around February time of 2015.

I'm excited to step out onto this new path and embrace the knowledge of brilliant writers, classical and modern- particularly Charles Dickens!

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Anyway enough with the dull, October is a bit of a busy month ahead. This weekend I'm visiting my best friend Mollie at her university for a few days  and I've been looking forward to it for a long while now. With my friends being a uni all the time I'm not socialising as much as I would like to, so a trip to Eastbourne is on the cards and I can't wait to have a bit of fun and a change of scenery :)

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A couple of gigs are coming up too, both in the same week ah! I'll be seeing Jake Bugg for the second time and George Ezra for the first- very excited for them both! I LOVE going to gigs, especially in London. Sadly they're my last gigs for 2014, I've been very lucky this year to have attended a fair few that have all been so memorable. I hope you're enjoying my visual aids in this post haha ;D

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Thinking back to feeling creative and such this morning, I have this idea of creating a second YouTube channel where I can help those of you with GCSE/A Level revision. I know not all of you will be from the UK and therefore take this qualifications but it might aid you also with the exams that you are obligated to take.

It was just a thought, something else for me to keep myself occupied. I would be able to help you with Geography specifically as this is the subject I most enjoyed back in high school. If any of you think this would help you with upcoming exams then let me know, it would be great to help you :)

Books I'm hoping to read this month are going to be read on my Kindle, this is because I have a free subscription to borrow books with Kindle Unlimted. This is available for a free month which afterwards you have the choice of cancelling or paying £7.99 a month to continue this offer.

So here's a list of the books I hope to read this month:

Without much else to say, I wish you all to have a very happy October!

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