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Jake Bugg's Shangri La tour feat. Hudson Taylor at Alexandra Palace, London.


(Hudson Taylor)

Sorry for not posting yesterday, had a busy day going to London to see Jake Bugg at Alexandra Palace!

My second time of seeing him perform and I can safely say he didn't disappoint! What made the gig even more amazing, was having a support act that I actually adore- Hudson Taylor. I'd heard about this duo on the TV show Made in Chelsea and I had to check out the song and alas a new favourite band was discovered. I didn't realise they were going to support Jake Bugg on his Shangri La tour until a day before the gig so it was a great surprise! They're a country/pop band from Dublin (sighs dreamily) and they're so appreciative, play their own instruments (a lot of acoustic guitar and a little violin) and they had great stage presence. Me and my friends are definitely thinking of seeing them on their own headline tour in February 2015, I'm itching to get tickets- pay day needs to hurry up!

If you haven't heard Hudson Taylor's music I really urge you to, they are full of energy and have an amazing sound!

(Jake Bugg)

I have my last music gig of the year on Friday, the gorgeous George Ezra! First time seeing him live and I'm VERY excited- check him out too if you haven't. Like these guys he has a country/pop vibe and has the most distinct voice I've ever heard, its as if his voice doesn't belong in his young man body (you'll see what I mean when you listen to him!).

Take care everyone!

Oh and p.s. sorry for these bad quality photos but I wanted to share them anyhow! :-)

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