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Ten Places Books Have Made Me Want To Visit

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish 

1) Like many Top Ten Tuesday's I've read today, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in J K Rowling's Harry Potter series is my number one place I would love to visit and experience. To compromise this I could visit places that were used in the Harry Potter films such as Gloucester Cathedral (England) that was used for a number of scenes. "The Chamber of Secrets has indeed been opened again..."

2) Edinburgh; Arthur's Seat. Scotland in general seems like a beautiful place to visit all over, despite me living in England I've only ventured to the edge of Scotland to the Lake District (which is stunning by the way). But one book that captured my interest in Edinburgh was one of my all time favourite books- One Day by David Nicholls. At the top of the Scottish capital a geological landmark Arthur's Seat (supposedly refers back to the legend of King Arthur) that provides beautiful views of the city. Dexter and Emma do what many visitors/residents do, to climb up the grassy slopes to reach the top. Simply stunning and romantic!

3) Winterfell (filmed at Castle Ward) the fictional home of George R.R. Martin's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series where my most loved family The Stark's live. The cold and and secluded North holds much appeal with the big fur coats, the cosy fires and Direwolves roaming the forests! As a cheat I could visit Northern Ireland where the television series 'Game of Thrones' is filmed so I can pretend I'm hiding from the Lannister's in the forest with Jon Snow and Ghost!

3) Amsterdam, perhaps another obvious location I would love to visit. Yeah you may be thinking this is because of John Green's 'The Fault in our Stars'- yes you are correct. However its also the real home of where Anne Frank lived during World War II where now it has been turned into a museum which coincidentally was used in The Fault In Our Stars film so there we go! I read 'The Diary of Anne Frank' a few years ago and it truly is such a heart-string pulling kind of read.

4) Munich Germany; The Book Thief by Markus Zusak even though Molching is a fictional place, supposedly in Zusak's mind it would be near the non-fictional place of Munich. In general I would love to visit Germany because of the vast amounts of historical places, not just captured in books but with real events that occurred there. The architecture particularly is beautiful and triggers your imagination of what it was like during the war- what has changes and what has stayed the same.

5) Wonderland a much loved fictional world from Lewis Carroll, the perfect place where I can be as strange as I wish to be- how wonderful!

6) Omaha is the main setting for Rainbow Rowell's books whether they originate from there or a character ends up there etc, its in her books and seeing as I am big lover of Rainbow it seems obvious that I need to go there and be life, "yes I could see this big happening here...and them going here when that happened" yeah Omaha one day I will visit!

7) Narnia, seeing as winter is fast approaching I feel that having this fictional place of ice and snow this seems rather fitting. A cup of tea with Mr Tumnus and winter walks in the snow wearing a big fur coat to keep me warm- oh so Christmassy!

I could only think of seven places I would like to visit from the inspiration from books, perhaps I'm forgetting some!

Where would you like to visit because of a book you've read?

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