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Autumn in Somerset


Autumn is my favourite time of the year, the warm colours, big jumpers, hot drinks, and the build up to Christmas!

The weekend just passed I visited my Great Uncle in the wonderful countryside of Somerset, literally one of my favourite places in England. Its simply the best get away and to visit during this season was just so peaceful and enchanting!

Its been a number of years since I've visited my Uncle and it was touch and go this year if I would be able to even get the time off work, but thankfully after making up my hours during the week I was able to go and had the best weekend away in a long time. If anything it was a great escape from goings on in my life, things I need to break away from and the fresh air and long walks certainly helped.

On the last day of my visit me, my Mum, Aunt and Uncle walked up to Cadbury Castle close to where my Uncle lives. The castle is a Bronze and Iron Age hill fort and is a scheduled monument associated none other than King Arthur. Although its not physically still standing, remains can still be found dating back to human occupation and use from Neolithic to post Roman eras.

So after a slightly tiring climb to the top we were greeted with views across these wonderful countryside views, and in my opinion they're best to be seen during the autumn months with the changing of the leaves on the trees just makes everything look even more beautiful.

If I could recommend anywhere to visit in England, Somerset is definitely the top of my list. Country walks, foraging for berries and simply breathing in the fresh air (with the exception of animal dung!) is the perfect remedy for getting away from the stress of work and day-to-day worries. I only wish I could visit this beautiful place more often- I'm hoping next April!

I couldn't resist showing you all my Uncle's beautiful (and slightly muddy) dogs Bliss and Samantha who gave me warm cuddles during the chilly evenings and making me wish I lived in the country with dogs like them and farmland of my own.

Happy autumn thoughts to you all,

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