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New-To-Us Authors I Read In 2014


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I'm pleased to say that the majority of books I've read in 2014 have been by new-to-me authors! I think when I was younger I pretty much stuck to the same authors such as Jacqueline Wilson and Michael Morpurgo- in fact I still kind of enjoy them books now...But still I'm impressed with myself for trying out new authors and actually finding some new favourites, so without further ado here they are...

Markus Zusak- at the beginning of 2014 I read 'The Book Thief'' and was immediately taken by Zusak's writing. I initially picked up the book, read the synopsis and ran to the Waterstones checkout to purchase! From the narrator being 'death' and the wonderful and yet heartbreaking story of Liesel Meminger and the Hubermann's. It was the perfect story to begin the year and I'm excited to read these other novels by Zusak:

Gillian Flynn- Flynn's 'Gone Girl' took me by great surprise this year, admittedly my first crime/thriller novel and I was hooked and just simply overwhelmed by this book and Flynn's style of writing. I felt like I was in the book myself and you can't beat a book that has that kind of hold of you. The mystery of who killed "Amazing Amy", was it Nick? The whole mystery had me hanging on til' the very dramatic and simply wicked end! Again I am itching to get my head into another book of Gillian's..

David Levithan- I picked up Every Day by David and I finished reading it in a matter of hours- I can't fathom how much I enjoyed the deliciously cute manner in which he wrote this adorable book. All I know is that I need more of this style of Levithan in my life, and therefore I then picked up Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist- which I have shamefully seen the film before hand (don't hate me!) but I can't wait to read it as well as these other books of his...(there's rather a lot oops!)

Andrew Kaufman- All My Friends Are Superheroes captured me in the back of my car after a long weekend in the countryside and its perhaps the most clever and beautiful books I've read this year. From just this book I knew that Kaufman has to be in my top favourite authors I've ever read, and to read another of his would be a delight. It's all thanks to Carrie Fletcher who recommended the book on her YouTube channel, one of her many great recommendations I'd like to add. If you haven't read this book, I really urge you to :-) And again I guess I'm just gonna have to show you the discography as I'm making it a goal to read them soon as I can- yes I loved his writing A LOT!

James Dashner-  I managed to read The Maze Runner series this year and it was certainly right up my street- the future of the Earth and it crumbling around because of human forces. It really caught my imagination and made my mind go into a world full of scary theories of how the Earth may one day come to an end. Wonderfully told, and I am yet to see the film- how bad of me! Anyhow it seems Dashner has several book series and so I would like to give them a go, The Mortality Doctrine, two books have been released so far and the third book is to be released in the autumn of 2015! 

Sally Green- In the late summer of this year I picked up Half Bad, a book about good and bad witches and to my surprise I enjoyed it thoroughly. I flew through this book and I am beyond excited for Green's sequel Half Wild that is to be released in early 2015- I'm not usually a fan of witch books but this certainly caught my interest :-)

E. Lockhart- I was introduced to E. Lockhart a year ago now and I've now read We Were Liars that I had hear so much about from friends who had read it. By all means a good book but perhaps not quite what I expected and with some characters I didn't feel like I connected with them, but despite this I am wanting to try E. Lockhart's Ruby Oliver series consisting of four books and I have a sense of de ja vu that I've seen them before somewhere (likely a book shop I know). 

Graeme Simsion- The second book I read this year was The Rosie Project and again it seemed so odd to again read a new different author and yet be so amazed by how much I loved Graeme's style of writing and wit within the book. Don and Rosie are one of my favourite couples in the literary world, and I am yet to enjoy the sequel to their story The Rosie Effect!

S. J Watson- Before I Go To Sleep was certainly a chilling and concerning book to have read, but strangely I enjoyed it very well as it made me wake up to a lot of issues such as manipulation. Not just by strangers but also to those close to you, it was brilliantly written and like Gone Girl- kept me guessing throughout. Like all of these wonderful new authors I've read this year, I would like to read more of Watson and so his other novel Second Life, I need to put on my ever growing to be read list.

Veronica Roth- Another series I managed to read this year is of course the Divergent series- another dystopian novels I did enjoy. However I realise Roth has released new books in the perspective of Four, I'm not sure if I want to read the story again in another perspective. I'm not implying it would be boring but in a way not needed I guess? I dunno, perhaps I will change my mind at some point but I hope Veronica writes different books in the future! :-)

Well this Top Ten Tuesday was fun! I've realised I've just made my to be read list a whole lot longer and this is only ten authors...I need to get organised and get my head stuck in these books! 

What are your top ten authors for 2014, I would love to know who I'm missing out on. I hope you're all having a great Tuesday too :-)

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