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Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2015


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Hello everyone, I can't believe 2014 is coming to a close already. As most of you know I'm not very good at keeping resolution, especially with books but nonetheless I'm going to make 10 bookish goals/resolutions for 2015 and I'm going to strive to do my best to keep them! :-)

1) Keep up-to-date with my favourite book blogs/vlogs- I'm terrible anyhow at keeping up to date with anything but something I want to do is keep up to speed with all your blogs and YouTube videos. There's nothing I like more than interacting with you guys and finding out what's happening in your lives and what books you're reading!

2) Read and finish the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare- again I'm a few steps behind everyone else in the book universe and I've wanted to read these books for so long, that it is my main goal to do!

3) Read more classics- if you remember back in November I had a huge book haul, most of them consisting of Jane Austen and George Orwell. This past year I have been watching Barry Pierce on YouTube and he's got me interested in new and old authors, especially Orwell. So next year I plan on reading/re-reading more classics than I've done before. Particularly Austen as I have enjoyed reading a couple of her works before, this could be year of Austen!

4) Stick to my TBR list- I am forever neglecting my TBR list that I make on Goodreads and never seem to complete, I seem to get distracted by other books I discover and buy and end up making them a top priority rather than sticking to the books that are stacking up across my bedroom! So 2015 I am making a TBR list to be followed properly (don't hold your breath on this one!).

5) Read more- 2014 I managed to read 31 books which I am proud of seeing as I only challenged myself to read 20, perhaps I was too kind to myself but 2015 I am setting the challenge of reading 40 books- but knowing my luck that will be too ambitious!

6) Organise my Goodreads- I see so many of my friends accounts with all their bookshelves all in years, authors, dates, etc and mine is just two simple lists of read and tbr! So perhaps a more of an interesting kind of lists will be developed and easier for me to find.

7) Don't buy any more books until I have read the one's I've got- this is probably the impossible with me but I'm going to see how long it takes until I crack and go on a massive rampage of book buying online and in Waterstones!

8) Join in with more bookish events such as Blogmas- As well as keeping up to date with writing up book reviews etc, I'd like to get more involved with the book community. I want to join in with giveaways- including doing some giveaways of my own and becoming more interactive with you my readers and other great book blogs and personalities on here and BookTube! :-)

9) If I need to buy books, to buy them on either The Book Depository or my local book store- I am guilty of buying cheap books on Amazon and eBay I admit, but 2015 I want to contribute to my local book shops and official book selling websites so they don't die out. I hate the thought of eBooks taking over despite me owning one of my own. As I've spoken about before, they're great but there's nothing like picking up a book!

10) Use my YouTube more and make more of an effort with my channel- I started my YouTube channel early on this year and I have now 98 subscribers and despite my lack of uploading I've managed to keep them which I am indeed thankful for. I want to improve my channel and make it more fun and interactive with my viewers and make something even more fun of it, its something I need to work on throughout 2015 and most importantly enjoy!

Well there we have it everyone, my 10 goals/resolutions for 2015! What resolutions have you made for 2015? Bookish or not I would love to hear them and perhaps we can encourage each other to keep them! :-)

Cheerio and I'll be back soon!

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