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Belfast #1


Another beautiful day in Northern Ireland and today is the day of the Giants Causeway coast trip- one of the main attractions we wanted to visit on our trip.

Hello to Carrickfergus Castle, this was a mere photo stop before heading further up the north-east coast. Our coach driver told us various stories concerning the castle referring to its Norman structure, and how its played an important role throughout history and is the most well preserved castle in Northern Ireland.

Woah a decent picture of me and my Mum? Surely not?! One of my best buys of 2014 was definitely my Sony camera, it came in handy on this trip!

For a good two hours we were sat on the coach listening to the coach driver chatting away, telling us all sorts of stories about Northern Ireland. The views were spectacular, I took so many amazing photos along the way and I adore these one's in particular. The view kept changing with every turn we took, every winding road brought us to new stunning views of the wonderful Irish countryside.

I could picture myself living there, the small villages where fisheries are the most important source of income and yet everything is so calm and soothing. If I could afford to move there I think I would, if I ever won the lottery this is where I would love to live. Peace and quiet, nothing to care for except chucking another log on the fire to keep my cottage warm- listen to me I sound about 80 not 20!

We experienced every season as we climbed up the hills, the sunshine, the rain and then snow. Across the hills we went and came across this disappearing lake- the driver told us this could empty within a few hours in good weather. Fortunately today it was there amongst the blanket of white- simply gorgeous scenery. I have to admit at one point I thought we were going to be stranded on top of the hill as the weather conditions progressed to get worse.

Another highlight of the trip was briefly visiting The Old Bushmills Distillery, the finest whiskey in Northern Ireland- so I'm told! I may not have tried it myself but it was a cute town to visit.

Something I was definitely eager to get my teeth sunk into was this steak and Guinness pie- scrumptious! Proper food as my Gran would say.

Then here we are, the main purpose of this trip- The Giants Causeway. Admittedly it wasn't the best days to visit, what with the pouring rain and waves crashing against the structure. Despite this it was pretty fascinating how this could have been formed- apparently one of the many wonders of the world and quite rightly too. This photo doesn't give it justice, in better weather I think it would look even more stunning. We found old coins amongst the stones that people must have left there for perhaps good luck I don't know. 

A wonderful day in the Northern Irish countryside, places I'll never forget for their natural beauty and wonders.

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