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Happy Monday everyone!

Don't let them Monday blues get to you today, I know its January but we can make them better by doing more of what we love!

So as you're there working away like little bees, just remember hard work is worthwhile in the end.

I found this quote on Instagram a couple of weeks ago and its definitely a new favourite. It points out an important message, looking back at what you may have done back then to what you're doing now can sometimes be a bit of a depressing one- for some it may be a lot better. No matter the reason being positive or negative, you should always look forward. The past isn't as important as the present, the past is what you have already lived through and therefore the now is what you need to concentrate on.

No good keep thinking "this time last year I was..", don't get me wrong its fun to reminisce on the good times but you can't move on from things without letting go and grabbing yourself a clean slate and starting again. Fresh starts can make a vast difference to your life and its good to tie up the loose ends to start off with so you don't have to start the new slate off with bits from the last one.

Replenish you minds and look forward to what's there in front of you because the more you think about the now the better the future will hopefully be!

I wish you all a positive motivational Monday :-)

Cheerio and I'll be back soon, 

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