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Hello 2015!

Happy New Year everyone!

I've decided 2015 is the year I document my not so interesting life that I am hoping to turn into a lot more interesting kind of life! I've always had the idea of keeping a blog diary of a year in the life of me, but let's not be too ambitious its day one after all and I have another 364 days to go in order to complete it.

Today is fresh and there's a sense of unknown looming in the air. After the night before of drinking and staying up to five in the morning watching P.S I Love You with my best friend Mollie, I am more than ready to take on the New Year...or so I thought until I woke up needing at least another 24 hours of solid sleep to make me feel human again.

When New Year arrives it feels like when you were in school and you'd get new text books to write in and you'd write in your very finest handwriting in order to make everything look nice and orderly. I'm writing in my new diary, noting down birthdays and events I'm already looking forward to this year; it feels like everything is on a clean slate and life has just begun again. 

Having my grandparents round for New Years Day dinner really was rather wonderful, as I appreciate them a lot. I've spoken about my Grandad previously on this blog and I'm going to tell you again of just how much he means to me, I don't know what it is but other than my Dad and brother Joe; he is the main man in my life. As a child he was my favourite and he always will be, and for some reason writing this I'm either nearing my hormonal time of the month (great start to the year) or I'm simply just a bit emotional  right now. But the point I'm making is that I'm surrounded by the most wonderful people I could ever ask for and I never want any of them to leave.

A kind gesture to my Gran who is somewhat of a trendy Granny! I bought a new jumper I spotted in a shop I knew she would love, and bless her heart she tried it on straight away and couldn't be more thankful. 

I want to end this post by saying that I want to make more of an effort with those who I cherish dearly in my life, those who are always there for me. I want to give something back to them and just be the happiest we all can be. I have my Belfast trip with my Mum in sixteen days and I am so excited to go away with just my mum, its something we've promised each other to do and its finally almost here.

I wish all of you who read my blog religiously or so happens to come across it by mistake, a very Happy New Year. I hope 2015 brings you all the happiness in the world, and just remember those around you and be the best person you can. 

Cheerio and I'll be back soon :-)

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