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"A lost, aimless and hard-drinking Ben Hope has wandered back to his old haunt in Ireland. The ex-SAS soldier is searching for peace, but trouble soon appears when Kirsten Hall, a young journalist, is brutally murdered right in front of him. Unable to prevent it, Ben is driven by guilt to hunt down the killers. All he has to go on is a handful of clues from Kirsten's research- but how can the journals of Lady Stamford, the wife of an English lord during the time of the Irish Great Famine, have put Kirsten in mortal danger?

Ben's quest for the truth leads him across the world and finally to Oklahoma, USA, where a deadly secret awaits. What connects the journals, a wealthy American politician and an intrigue surrounding the Irish famine?

What Ben uncovers is a shocking historical conspiracy linked to the deaths of some two million people: a veritable holocaust that time has all but forgotten. Those who are still profiting from the lies and corruption of the time, and who are ready to kill anyone to protect their secret, are about to pay..."

This sounds very much like a Jack Reacher book, but it caught my attention because its set in Ireland and ironically I love Ireland so seeing this on the off chance was rather coincidence. It looks like a gripping read and by an author I haven't heard of before, but apparently he's done many books with the character Ben Hope. So if I enjoy reading this one I'm definitely checking out the rest! I found this suggestion on iBooks in the 'coming soon' section, quite often look here for new books.

Happy Wednesday everyone! What books are you waiting to read that are to be released this year? :-)

Cheerio and I'll be back soon,

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