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2015 Reading Challenge

Hosted by Popsugar 

As one of my book resolutions I am trying to be more organised with not just myself but with the structure of this blog too. One of the ways I want to be more organised is to set myself a challenge- yes a reading challenge! This one is from Popsugar (link above) and I liked the look of it and I've spotted other blogs I read taking part in it too! So I've noted down some suggestions of books I could read for each of the bullet points, some I may change but I will keep this updated throughout the year as to how I'm getting on providing a link on the top of my blog :-)

As you can see I do have a few gaps with "need a recommendation!", if any of you can fill those gaps for me then please feel free to leave me your suggestions in the comments- I would be very grateful! :-)

What reading challenges are you going to have a go at this year? Are there any you think I would enjoy doing too? If so let me know! 

Cheerio, and I'll be back soon! :-)

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