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Belfast #2


The end is near, the last morning in Belfast- I am quite sad about leaving. it never feels like there was enough time to explore everything.

Me and Mum got cornered by the city tours bus guys and so our last couple of hours was going around the whole of the city, a great way to spend it in all honesty.

Sight seeing is definitely wraps everything up and particular monuments such as this- the Albert Clock was pointed out to us. In fact a lot of places in Belfast are for Queen Victoria and Albert, many of the street names are named after her too.

Embarrassingly I can't remember the name of this ship- don't hate me! All I can remember is that its sat in the docks for a long long time and is used in the Navy as a training post (I think- oops!). 

Here we have Stormont, otherwise known as the Parliament Buildings in Belfast- pretty spectacular. Meetings are held here as well as other functions to the present day.

A slightly more upsetting photo (excuse the reflections in the photo I was on a bus haha! The Shanklin wall, a political wall so to speak. Every night this is all shut off to prevent troubles from happening between the Unionists and the Republicans, I still don't quite understand the full extent of it all. Only that the republicans wanted to separate from the rest of the United Kingdom, whereas the Unionists wanted to remain as part of the UK- hence the separation of North and Southern Ireland. 

Enough with the political stuff, the famous Crown Bar- one of the oldest in Belfast was just in front of where we were staying is a pretty stunning building. Unfortunately we didn't get to have a drink inside as it wasn't open until the afternoon- another excuse for me to return to this city!

Alas I couldn't leave Belfast without having these beauties- Taters! Perfect for the journey back.

Well here we have it, the end of my time in Belfast. A truly beautiful city, rich in history and so much more for me to explore. I will most definitely be back soon. In the meantime I am looking into going to someplace new in Ireland I've never been- maybe Limerick, Cork, Galway, or Kerry. I can't decide, any one will do. In fact all of them someday...

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