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The Tiny Wife by Andrew Kaufman


The Tiny Wife by Andrew Kaufman ~Goodreads~
Published by The Friday Project Ltd 2013
Kindle/Paperback 80 pages ~The Book Depository~

A robber charges into a bank with a loaded gun, but instead of taking any money he steals an item of sentimental value from each person. Once he has made his escape, strange things start to happen to the victims.

A tattoo comes to life, a husband turns into a snowman, a baby starts to shit money. And Stacey Hinterland discovers she's shrinking, a little every day, and there is seemingly nothing that she or her husband can do to reverse the process.

My first experience of reading Andrew Kaufman was from reading All My Friends Are Superheroes- which I read within one sitting and absolutely adored. 

The Tiny Wife is set in what I can only describe as a parallel universe really, fantasy thoughts get intertwined with real life situations and its so cleverly done!

The basics of this story is that the robber takes away sentimental goods from thirteen subjects and the plot is for them to be "reborn". The protagonists are meant to realise the fault in their ways before its too late- despite some of their bad happenings being rather absurd (the husband turning into a snowman) not all of them succeed and perhaps they don't deserve to either. 

If this book has a moral I think it is to not take life for granted and that you need to appreciate what you have rather than what you don't. Some of the outcomes of the thirteen victims were rather unfortunate and did make me sad, but it did end on a heartwarming moment.

It's a short novel (80 pages roughly) where I think each time you could decipher another opinion of it and figure out different morals that Kaufman is trying to project. But what I can admit is that I need more of Kaufman's writing in my life, he is a fantastic writer that gets me thinking! 

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