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Hello everyone! Hope you're all starting your week right with a nice cup of tea and a good breakfast.

Sadly I'm not feeling so well today, so I'm dosing myself up on paracetamol, vitamin c and lucozade! I always find lucozade to help perk me up a little bit when I'm ill.

I found this quote today and it couldn't be more true, you need to do things for yourself because other people aren't going to do it for you. You want something? Go get it yourself! For one you'll have much greater appreciation of it. It's like me buying myself a Mac, I'm saving all the money I can and its slowly building up and once I have the money and have purchased my new laptop I will be as happy as can be because it was me who saved all that money and had the motivation to do so!

It's like anything you work towards, the satisfaction you get from doing it is priceless. Hard work is worthwhile, don't stop at the first set back. Things will throw themselves in your way but you have the power to get through it. Some other quote I saw a while ago was "life holds nothing you can't handle", from my interpretation it means you can get through anything.

Anyway, enough from me I'm going to keep in the warm, carry on reading City of Bones and perhaps play a bit of Sims later on! Have a wonderful day and I will see you tomorrow with my Top Ten Tuesday :)

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