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Hello everyone! Monday is here again, much to the dislike of those who are working their hearts out right now.

I came across this quote today and I couldn't agree more at how satisfying it is to succeed in something you've wanted to do, and that others doubt that you could. Do you agree?

With me for example when I was in school I was told I wouldn't get a better grade than a D in school (here in England a D or below isn't seen as a good grade). So what did I do? My first year at my high school I exceeded that grade across all of my subjects, I got C's and above. I just look back and laugh at those teacher's who doubted me, I felt so awesome because I proved them wrong!

Just because someone tell you "you're never going to be able to do that" or, "no you're better off doing this instead", or even "you could never do that, don't be stupid". It doesn't mean that you can't, where there's a will there's a way. Don't give up your dreams because someone is putting a damper on it, if you believe in yourself then you will succeed and wipe them smirk's right off their faces! :-)

I hope today is treating you well and you've all got a smile on your faces :-)

Cheerio and I'll be back soon,

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