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My First Carrie's Book Club Box


Hello everyone! So last week I received my first ever box from Carrie Hope Fletcher's book club. I'm a fan of Carrie from watching her YouTube videos and watching her performance in Les Miserable in London, but I hadn't yet experienced being in her book club so this month I thought why not!

The main reason being was the theme of the box this month was based on All My Friends Are Superheroes by Andrew Kaufman, and as you can see its got a superhero theme to the goodies I received!

I got a letter from Carrie telling me about the book (which I have already read and I suggest you do too), a chili hot chocolate that I have been too scared to try yet- chili and chocolate I'm not sure I'm going to like haha! As well as this I got a bookmark (always handy!), two marshmallows with the logo to the book club and "books". And to top it off I have a book patch and a books tote bag to put all my books in obviously!

I was really happy to receive this little box full of goodies and I'm definitely wanting another box! It cost me £16.00 excluding delivery, I think for first class it was £4+ so the average delivery is probably £2.99 I'm presuming.

If you're a big lover of books then I strongly suggest you check out Carrie's YouTube for starters and check out the book club she has too, its a great way to interact with other lovers of books and fan's of Carrie's :)

Each month there is a different theme and I find it adorable how the little gifts have something in relation to the theme, so thank you Carrie for setting up this book club and I'm very happy to be a member :D

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