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Top Ten Bookish Problems That I Have


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Happy Tuesday everyone! How are we all doing today good? Well I'm feeling particularly well today as I've booked my summer holiday, I've done my 30 day shred workout and I finished reading Red Queen today! So all is well, today's Top Ten Tuesday is 'Top Ten Bookish Problems That I Have' and here are mine...

1) I want to read everything at the same time!- I have about three books on the go at the moment, I just want to read them all! I get so frustrated when I take forever to read a book, even if I love the book I just want to get onto the next, especially when you hear so many great things about the book!

2) Choosing which edition to buy- I can be so particular when choosing books, I love having pretty covers on books. I know I know, this is silly of me as you shouldn't judge a book by its cover in the first place but I do love a pretty looking bookcase!

3) I don't have enough space!- I'm pretty sure this is a problem for all readers, we keep buying and buying books and then realise we have no space left for them. However to me I will always make room for them i.e my Charles Dickens collection are currently stacked in my wardrobe!

4) I have loads of books I bought years ago that I still haven't read yet- This is definitely my own fault, but I will read them eventually! It just may take me a few years...or more!

5) When I have a series the must all be the same edition- maybe this is more of a pet peeve than a problem but when I buy a series all the covers have to be the same edition and either all in hardback or paperback. Having a mixture of editions and hardbacks/paperbacks just annoys me. Perhaps this is more like OCD than anything else!

6) Deciding what to read next after finishing a book- This sounds stupid as I have a bookcase full of books to be read, but I have to be in the right mood for books. I can't just pick one out at random, if I'm feeling murderous (haha) then I choose a crime/thriller and likewise if I feel romantic I'll choose a chic lit of some sort! There's no use in me having a list of what to read and read them in that order because I'll end up ruining it straight away!

7) I keep buying new books and not reading the one's I have already- Again I think every book reader has this problem. I can't keep up with all the latest books I mean I've only just started The Mortal Instruments series, very behind! That doesn't stop me buying new books though, I buy the new releases and the books on my shelves sit there begging me to read them and I neglect them until I've read a "must read" featured in my bookshop. My own fault again, I need to get this under control!

8) If I really love a book I won't stop going on about it- The last time I was like this was when I read The Drowning of Arthur Braxton by Caroline Smailes, I adore that book and now I've got one of my friends to read it so I can go on about it- how annoying for my friend!

9) Staying up late reading- This is a problem that I don't think will ever change, even if I'm not reading from a physical book I have my kindle and the kindle app on my phone so I can lay in bed and read from my phone until the early hours. I shouldn't but I can't help it if the book is an addictive read!

10) I don't like letting others borrow my books- Probably again more of a pet peeve, I like to keep my books close. When I lend books to others I worry I'll never get them back again (as this has happened to a few of my books in the past) and I like to keep them in good condition. I don't write in my books or bend the corners, so I panic that someone's going to ruin them.

Gosh some problems eh, and to think these are only my bookish problems! What are your bookish problems? Tell me in the comments I'd love to know! Hope you're all having a great Tuesday :-)

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