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Top Ten Things I Like/Dislike When It Comes To Romances In Books


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Happy Tuesday everyone, I hope you're having a great one! This week's Top Ten Tuesday is about what we like and dislike when it comes to romance books, I'm a sucker for a romance book but I definitely have to be in the mood. I can't just pick up a romance book and throw myself into it, I either get jealous of the coupling and therefore need a good ol' crime thriller- wow I'm making this sound morbid already. Anyway! I'm going to split my likes and dislikes up, the first five will be what I Like about romances and the latter what I Dislike...

1) Like- Enemies to lovers

I love these kind of romances, but I like the one's that don't make it obvious that they're going to get together. I like it so you really think these two people absolutely hate each other! It gives the book more surprise and makes you realise that actually you were shipping these two throughout the whole book!


2) Like- When they take forever to get together

There's nothing worse when the romance in a book happens straight away, its like "ooh I like you", "omg I like you too- let's be together" it just seems so false and rushed. I love a gradual romance, even if it takes several books for them to get together- I don't mind that it keeps me interested!

3) Like- memorable quotes

Memorable quotes are what make me love books the most, I'm constantly putting the book down and quickly jotting down the quote so I can keep hold of it and remember it forever. Some quotes can be more powerful than others and I can just read them out from the top of my head- that's when I know I've read a great book!

4) Like- when they don't have a happy ending

Now before you judge, hear me out! Of course I love a happy ending but its the endings that come to a close expectantly either from heartache or death. It makes me appreciate how the author took on such a tough aspect of life, and not everything we want we're gonna get. I think it teaches us to appreciate the here and now and live in the moment!


5) Like- when they make you laugh and cry

I need comedy in a romance book, I need flirting and cheekiness! But I also love to cry, not just out of sadness but happiness too! Maybe I expect too much from a romance book? When an author gets it just right for me I know I'll love that book forever.

6) Dislike- overload of  "steamy" scenes

Yes, one every now and then sure. But for the book to basically be just about sex? I dunno kind of bores me to be honest. Love and lust are different things, don't get me wrong I love a bit of stream- just don't milk it! (The Fifty Shades gif seems relevant here, I think I'm just interested in having Jamie Dorman on my blog haha- too hot for his own good!)

7) Dislike- Instalove

A popular dislike I reckon, if the characters get together on page two. There's a high possibility I will put this book down and shake my head with shame. There needs to be a solid back story, constant chemistry! I don't want a quick fast romance, for me that isn't love its lust. So no no no, character development please!

8) Dislike-  predictable story lines

The cliches! One cliche books is enough, when I read other romance books I look for something different. A different plot line, something that stands out from the crowd!

9) Dislike- romanticising rape 

This is never okay and nothing could be less sexy than having a someone throwing themselves at someone who clearly doesn't want it- just no!

10) Dislike- when the romance ruins friendships

Them books where you see the girl putting the guy she's always liked first and ditches the best friend, for me chicks before dick's any day! A friend is permanent as far as I'm concerned. It always seems to be the typical girl that does this in every book, not all girls are like this!!

SO there we have it everyone, here are my likes and dislikes in romance books. I have fun with this topic! What are your likes/dislikes in romance books? Tell me in the comments :D

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