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Happy Monday everyone! I hope today is going well and its not as awful as you thought it would be! I'm lucky I don't get the Monday blues unless I'm working of course, today I have a day off but this past week I've been lucky to get extra hours at work. I have more hours Tuesday and Thursday this week which is a bonus too! 

With that said, I have now booked a holiday for the end of June with my parents and best friend Mollie to Almeria in Spain (picture above), and it looks stunning. I've been on Google looking at pictures and place to go and it really is giving me the motivation to work more and gain a nice bit of money to spend whilst I'm out there!

Lately I've been making rough plans for a trip around Europe- nothing set in stone at the moment but I'm working out the best way to go about it. I don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money but be satisfied with what I go for. A lot of my friends think I should go more further afield but right now Europe seems like a great idea because its on my doorstep!

So every time I go into work I have the image of Spain and possible adventures around other various places in Europe, and it definitely a huge motivation boost!

What keeps you guys motivated? I could do with some more tips! :-)

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