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Happy Monday everyone! I think I've found my favourite quote ever right there. Book and travel related? Pretty darn perfect I believe!

So I'm a good mood today, I have more extra hours at work for the next couple of weeks and I'm happy about it. I've finally found the motivation to get on with it all and that's my biggest aspiration to travel around the world.

One of my friends is planning on a trip around Italy this summer and I'm thinking I maybe could join her if I work hard and get time off, but I'm not going to get my hopes up with that as I already have a holiday planned this year! That doesn't mean to say I can't plan anything though does it? No!

Last night I was researching the best ways to travel around a country and the popular one being by train, its cheaper and there's no restrictions with it. So right now when I step into work I'm going to think of my future trips to wonderful places I wish to visit. It helps that I follow some great travel blogs who travel on a low budget and make it work- even better!

When I decide to start Open University them three years will give me time to gain a degree and hopefully save for a proper gap year when I finish :-)

Anyway enough from me, I hope you all have a great day!

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