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I'm currently read The Rosie Effect and I absolutely adore the narrator- Don Tillman. Incredibly smart, witty, funny and slightly too organised and specific- but a dear man who tries his best in everything he does. I enjoy the humour in this book which some people may disagree with but its all light hearted really, here are some of my favourite quotes so far, they demonstrate Don's organisation skills and specific requirements as well as his wit which he seems to not realise he is capable of. If you're a fan of Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory then you will love Don and see a lot of similarities! :-)

"Greetings. My name is Don Tillman and I am a suspected paedophile. I wish to put myself on standby for an assessment."

"Dishonesty was part of the price of being a social animal, and of marriage in particular."

"Highly intelligent people are often bullied. As a result of being different. That difference being high intelligence."

"Sustainable scallops with a mirepoix of carrots, celeriac, shallots, and bell peppers and a sesame oil dressing. The recommended accompanying beverage is pinot gris."

"Watch some kids, watch them play. You'll see they're just little adults, only they don't know all the rules and tricks yet."

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