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The Liar by Nora Roberts


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Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope you're all having a great day, the sun is shining yet again although there is a slight breeze in the air here in England!

I'm about to settle down to read The Handmaid's Tale, so far its going great apart from a shaky start of getting used to the language! Anyway here is my Waiting on Wednesday this week...

When her husband Richard dies in a freak accident, Shelby Pomeroy is devastated. But his death reveals a horrible truth- Richard was a liar and a cheat. Now Shelby is left with the consequences- huge, terrifying debts and mounting proof that her late husband betrayed her in every conceivable way.

Heartbroken but unbowed, Shelby is determined to fix her problems- if only for the sake of her gorgeous little daughter Callie. Returning home to Tennessee and the family she thought she'd lost forever, she discovers a new sense of strength and freedom. And hope too, in the handsome form of a carpenter Griffin Lott, a straight-dealing man who couldn't lie to her if he tried.

But not everyone is thrilled to see Shelby Pomeroy back in town. And when a shocking act of violence is traced back to Richard's shady business, it becomes clear that she is not safe from him, even in death. With her life in danger, Shelby must face the lies of the past- or lose everything. (Source)

I've heard a lot about Nora Roberts so I'm wanting to give her a try and this book certainly seems action packed! 

What books are you waiting to read? Tell me in the comments I'd love to know :-)

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