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There's one thing that always keeps me focused, its making plans. In May I've booked up to see Let It Be the musical, and as a somewhat late Beatles fan I cannot wait. My Mum and Auntie Claire are coming too and I hope its going to be a lovely day out.

It doesn't have to be big plans that you make, sometimes just meeting up with a friend for coffee can be good motivation to get going.

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with my old university friend Wendy, I can't wait. It was before Christmas when I saw her last so I'm hoping it will be a fun day, even though it could be raining! Old friends can sometimes be the best company because you have countless things to catch up on and you simply don't have enough time to fit in every bit of conversation.

Whatever you do today, whether it be work or a chill out day. Make plans with friends and family so you have something to look forward to. It can be just the motivation you need :-)

Have a great Monday!

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