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Top Ten Characters I Would Like To Check In With

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Happy Tuesday everyone! I apologise for not posting yesterday, I had a family dinner and didn't have time to blog but yay its Tuesday and I love doing these Top Ten posts so much! This week I'm sharing my Top Ten characters I wish to check in with to see how they're doing! :-)

1) Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom / Harry Potter

The couple that we never got to see together, it was so romantic how amongst all the fighting they found love and I'm a complete sucker for Neville. He is adorable and Luna is beyond cute, J.K you did great with your pairings!

2) Nick / Gone Girl

Love or hate this couple, I'm not even sure. They're certainly the most intriguing couple. I want to know what Nick does next, I don't need a sequel but just a little snippet of the possibilities!

3) Cath and Levi / Fangirl


My favourite quirky couple ever, I want to know what comes next for Levi and Cath. Is everything all perfect?! All I know is that I'm still welcome for a Levi in my life!

4) Marianne and Elinor / Sense and Sensibility

The best female duo in my opinion. I'd like to think everything remains rosy between themselves, Colonel Brandon and Edward Ferras! 

5) Hazel Grace / TFIOS

One of my most well loved characters ever, I'd like to think Hazel battles through and enjoys the time remaining in her life rather than mourning for Gus. He would want her to be happy regardless. *Sobs*

6) Jane and Mr Rochester / Jane Eyre

So they get married and have a child? What comes next, I can't imagine it being a perfect relationship but what relationships are. But a Bronte novel tend to always be dark so I feel that their life won't be easy but their love would conquer all! 

7) Liesel Meminger / The Book Thief 

The adorable Liesel, I know we know an outline of what happens afterwards but it would be nice to have more detail on both her's and Max's life.

8) Charlie / Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

So does Charlie make chocolate for the remainder of his life? Is it threatened by spies like Mr Willy Wonka? Or is it simply that he becomes so chubby from eating the chocolate that he can't see his toes anymore? (I think that last one is what would happen if I was in his shoes- oops!)

9) Clare and Alba DeTamble / The Time Traveler's Wife

Such a complex story, but I'd love to know how Clare and Alba are doing. Whether Clare finds a new man or whether she's quite content. Then Alba, does she have the power to time travel like Henry her Dad?

10) Offred / The Handmaid's Tale

A character I really hold dear to my heart, and as some of you may no the ending to this is so open. I just hope that Offred's outcome wasn't a bad one.

So there's my Top Ten! Which characters would you like to check in with? Tell me in the comments below, I would love to find out and see which one's I forgot! Have a great day :-)

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