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Top Ten Authors I Would Like To Meet


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Happy Tuesday everyone! How are we all? It's lovely and warm here in the UK and despite having work this morning today has been a lovely day, I got some photos developed and received a pen pal package from Sarah with lots of goodies- very lucky indeed! Anyway this week's TTT is our Top Ten Authors I Would Like To Meet, so here they are...

J.K Rowling

I'm sure there's not many people who wouldn't want to meet Jo, I find her admirable for what she's had to dealt with in life and yet make herself a successful author and business woman. I think I could talk books with her all day and I hope she keeps writing for the rest of her days, because I will be reading them all!

David Levithan

Okay so I've only read David's book Every Day, but my god how I LOVE that book! I love his writing style and I think if we met we would have a lot to talk about.

Jacqueline Wilson

A childhood author of mine who is still writing, famously know for her Tracy Beaker novels. I grew up with these books and she helped me through a lot of troubling times growing up- I would love to re-read some of her books and discuss with her how she manages to write such successful books for such a great length of time.

Markus Zusak

Again, I have only read The Book Thief by Markus, but his writing style captivated me and I just really need to talk to him to get some influence of how he does it! Brilliant author!

Caroline Smailes

Since reading The Drowning of Arthur Braxton I just knew I would love Caroline, I'm still yet to read her other novels but I find her so gracious and happy to talk to her readers. I'm lucky enough to have had some correspondence with her on Twitter, and more so that she read my review of her book. I think she's wonderful and I'll be supporting her future books :-)

If they were alive:

So I wanted to include these to make it a bit more interesting, plus these are some of my favourite authors ever...

Jane Austen

Witty, wonderful and just plain awesome. I love Austen's novels, I'm actually re-reading them this year and I have a sense of nostalgia when I read them. The whole gossipy language Austen conveys in her novels of how life was like for women at the time, I would be fascinated to know what kind of background she would think I was from if I lived during her lifetime and what future I had ahead of me, accompanied by a cup of tea of course!

Oscar Wilde

The king of wit in my eyes, Wilde's writing is something special and intelligent in my eyes. I find him to have a similar sense of humor to myself and I would love to experience his dry wit in conversation. I find him to be so quotable and ugh I just love him okay!

Roald Dahl 

Dahl's books will stay with me forever, my favourite being Danny the Champion of the World- not a popular book of his but certainly my favourite. I would like to create a character of my own with Dahl and discuss what adventures we could create with this character in my head- I will be sharing his stories with my own children in the future. They're all a must-read! 

George Orwell

Although I may not agree on Orwell's views on women but I am fascinated with his outlook on life, he wasn't afraid to stand out from the crowd and give opinion to how the future could look like- good or bad. I think he would be brilliant to talk to with current affairs!

Charles Dickens

Well dur, I want to go back in time and pretend I'm the Artful Dodger- one of Dickens' most well loved characters! I love the Victorian era itself, I remember in school we used to have 'Victorian Day', dressing up like a posh lady or a peasant girl roaming the streets of London. I love the settings of Dickens' books and I would love to discuss his novels with the man himself, I can't wait to carry on reading his works!

So there we have it everyone They are my Top Ten Authors I would Like To Meet. I loved the topic for this week, I had so much to say and its making me want to have a time machine too- I mean to meet Charles Dickens?! Gives me shivers! Tell me which authors you would like to meet? I'd love to know so we can have a discussion in the comments. Hope you're having a great day everyone :-)

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