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Top Ten Books I'd Like To See Become A Film/TV Show


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Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you're all doing well, the weather isn't so impressive here in the UK its finally June and it feels like April. I've been roaming the internet for holiday clothes and my checkout bag is a scary price- oops! Bring on pay-day haha. Anyway here are my Top Ten Books that I would like to see become either a film or TV show, all of these books I absolutely adored which you might think "why would she want them to become a film/tv show, they might be ruined if so", well all I can say is I could then have a comparison to share even more of my opinions on haha! Here we go...

I definitely feel that the Cormoran Strike novels would be a great television series- kind of like the style of how Broadchurch was told perhaps?

With Throne of Glass I definitely feel the box office needs to wipe out all the obvious films on the scene and bring out a female assassin film- it would be awesome!

Every Day would be an interesting film I think, it would interest me to see how they present 'A'. A great narrator would be needed, perhaps someone like Ansel Elgort (just because he's cute haha)?!

As Andrew Kaufman books are renowned to be short but incredibly awesome, I think the Tiny Wife could be made into a short film and even All My Friends Are Superheroes. Both of these books are SO different and so cleverly written I'd be fascinated to see how they would present it.

Although The Drowning of Arthur Braxton is rather a dark novel, I REALLY would love it to be a film, again it's something different to bring to the box office!

I always hear mixed opinions on Half Bad but I really loved the book as well as the sequel, a new trilogy of films is needed...okay maybe not but a TV show? I think it would suit these books better and not put people off with "oh another supernatural film trilogy that will probably split the last book into two." Maybe? I think it would be kinda great!

I need a new girly film in my life that I would want to watch over and over again, the casting of Levi would be of high importance to me he's an adorable character. In fact why not get all of Rowell's books made into films? I'd be on that for definite!

Again mixed feelings regarding The Rosie Project- I loved it but perhaps the sequel wasn't needed. The main character Don reminds be so much of Sheldon Cooper from TBBT and for this book to be made into a film an actor has some serious expectations to live up to haha.

The Red Queen because...well I don't know I loved it and I need some films with a medieval feel to it. I know we have Game of Thrones on TV for that but this book was awesome!

I love Alan Turing and after seeing The Imitation Game, I need another film about Turing. Fall of Man in Wilmslow was a brilliant book and I adore watching film adaptions of historical figures!

There we have it everyone, sorry for it being rather brief and not much explanation! A lot seems to be happening this week so I'm trying to balance blog life with my actual life haha.

Take care and have a great day :-)

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