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WoW: Tenacity by J.S. Law


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Today was going to be such a productive day but I managed to not do much haha, the plan was to read most of the day but I kept getting distracted by silly things- does this happen to any of you? Sometimes I wish I could just go in one room away from my house in mid-air looking across the earth in like a bubble where I could play music and just escape for a bit. You know what I mean? Haha, anyway here is a book I'm waiting to read!

"Lieutenant Danielle Lewis, the only female investigator in the Royal Navy's Special Investigation Branch, is called upon to investigate the apparent suicide of a Chief Petty Officer on HMS Tenacity, a nuclear submarine. As the submarines embark on a naval exercise, Dan is forced to share their claustrophobic, closed environment. The ultimate outsider in this hyper-masculine world, she needs to find a way to navigate the code of this tight-knit group of men whilst unmasking a killer..." (Source)

So there we have it, does this sound like a book for you? It certainly has me interested and the cover looks sensational! Hope you're all having a great day and don't forget to share with me what books you're waiting to read in the comments :-)

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