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Discussion: When A Book Is Just "Ok"


Good afternoon everyone, I hope you're enjoying your Sunday! I'm meant to be having a BBQ later on but the clouds keep hovering over my back garden, fingers crossed it doesn't rain or I'll be served a wet burger haha.

Anyway today I want to discuss with you all about when you read a book and it's not amazing but it's not rubbish either, it's just "ok."

Personally I'm not one to brush aside a book without giving it a fair chance but there have been times when I've been reluctant to finish a book because it's really not grabbing my interest at all. I tell myself "oh I'm sure it will get better," but sometimes it just doesn't. I've only had one book recently that I've put to the side in the "did not finish" pile and that's very rare for me. Normally I finish a book no matter what, even if I really hated it I would still read it to the very end.

I know my Gran always tells me "there's not enough time to read bad books" and she's completely right, I don't want to waste time on books that just aren't for me. I mean why read a book you're not enjoying when you have a ginormous to-be-read pile full of better books, it seems silly doesn't it?

What I find most frustrating when a book is just "ok", is that I hate not finishing a book. I feel like I've immediately judged the author and their work, I mean they themselves have taken the time and effort to write this book and manage to get it published so surely it's worthy to be read all the way through? Okay so I know that some books just aren't for everyone, but when the book is a genre you adore it comes across as a shock and a disappointment. 

I think now that I'm reading a greater variety of books I'm understanding what kind of writing that catches my attention, and what I feel is a great book. 

So, personally I'm going to put aside "ok" books if I really feel I can't finish it. I may write a review and say why I didn't finish it, perhaps I will come back to it or I may disregard it entirely. I think with reading books and discovering what the best books are for you is great, but it's even better when you can take a book and point out how it could be improved if you were the one who wrote it- constructive criticism! THAT'S what I was thinking of, that way it's not just right out slating the book. You're giving meaning behind the reason it wasn't for you, and this can be great for new authors to read this opinion and take it on board if it's a recurring thought. It reminds me of school and your teacher would mark your work and give you pointers in how you can improve, this is just the same.

Well, what do you guys think of "ok" books? What do you do? Read or toss them aside? Tell me your thoughts in the comments, I'd love to know your opinion. Perhaps you agree or disagree, no matter I like understanding differing opinions to my own so don't be shy and let's discuss! 

Hope you're all having a great Sunday! :-)

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