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In Their Shoes: Fairy Tales and Folktales by Lucie Arnoux


In Their Shoes: Fairy Tales and Folktales by Lucie Arnoux ~Goodreads~
Published by Pushkin Children's Books 2015
Paperback edition 128 pages ~The Book Depository~

I was sent this beautiful book from Hayley at ed Public Relations, so thank you very much to Hayley and Pushkin Children's Books!

To coincide with a major Victoria & Albert exhibition: the best shoe stories from around the world.

Red shoes, golden slippers, seven-league boots...Just step into the shoes of princes and princesses, ogres and orphans, cats and rabbits, and discover a fascinating fairy-tale world of footwear.

Did you know that long ago Cinderella lived in China? That dogs in America wear boots? And that a small pair of shoes in France can fall in love?

With original illustrations by Lucie Arnoux, this is a timeless and captivating collection of fairy tales and folktales, whose footprints have lasted through the generations, over the centuries, and all around the world.

This is the most charming little book I've ever owned I think, with beautiful illustrations by Lucie Arnoux and unforgettable fairy tales I remember reading from my childhood. 

My most favourite tale in the book being The Red Shoes by Hans Christian Andersen who I have always greatly admired. A girl who who is given a beautiful pair of red shoes and decides to wear them to church, much to the dismay of her relatives and everyone of the congregation. An old man turns them into magic shoes that make her dance all day and night, the trouble starts from there. It's a funny tale where absurd things happen but that's what fairy tales are all about!

A couple of the fairy tales I wasn't so keen on were written quite differently and it was hard to concentrate on reading each word and trying to take in the plot.

Nethertheless, this is an adorable read. Each night I read one story and it amazes me reading back at how dark they were. I mean some of them are rather brutal, especially a tale told by one of the Grimm brothers who are famously known for introducing the world to our favourite tales such as Snow White.

Anyone who loves a fairytale I strongly recommend you get this book. It's filled with beautiful illustrations (one shown in the above picture of Puss in Boots) and a few have a moral at the end of the story. Like a lot of fairy tales and fables there's a message behind each one that is there to teach you a lesson in life, I find them rather adorable and interesting to read. They give you some time to think as to when these tales can be applied to real life, if anything they give you some advice on life.

I'm excited to get my hands on some more fairytale compilation books, I think they're brilliant!

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