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June Wrap-Up

So we've over the hill now of 2015, hello July! Definitely welcoming this warm weather we're having here in the UK. It certainly was a surprise coming home to this much heat, I expected rain rain rain haha. If anything I was sad that it wasn't, I had missed a bit of cool air haha- typical Brit over here!

Anyway, here is my rather late June Wrap-up and it was a successful one I read eight books, all of which I enjoyed with the exception of The Here and Now it wasn't what I expected and a little disappointing but hey I can't like everything! Here are the books I managed to read in June, all of the links to my reviews are below the covers. There's something for everyone here, fantasy, crime thriller, contemporary, spy, romance, children's, and historical fiction:

Church of Marvels by Leslie Parry
A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman
Made For You by Melissa Marr
The Here and Now by Ann Brashares

The Silvered Heart by Katherine Clements
Jessica Cole Model Spy: Code Red Lipstick by Sarah Sky [Review Tour]
Another Day by David Levithan [Goodreads Link] (my review will be posted a week before its due for release)
The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket

From reading all of these books I've discovered a new favourite historical fiction author, Katherine Clements who wrote The Silvered Heart. A book set during the reign and fall of Charles Stuart, a period of history I am only a little familiar with. I'm so excited to try more of her books!

I've rekindled my love for Lemony Snicket, I heard about Netflix saying they're going to make a series of the Unfortunate Events books so I had to begin reading the series again, a much loved children's series I had forgotten about.

Finally, one last book I want to mention is Another Day by David Levithan. I was privileged to be sent an ARC of the book- something I thought I had little chance of receiving. I jumped for joy when I got the email from Netgalley, and if you're a big fan of Levithan like I am then you will love this book an awful lot! I read the first book Every Day some years ago, but by no means is it a sequel. In my opinion you can either book first it doesn't necessarily matter, anyway enough on that before I go on a massive ramble on how much I adored the book. Just know that its a must-read of this year in my opinion!

Well compared to May's book haul, June's is remarkably small haha! As you can see I have some physical copies and some others on my Kindle, I will be doing a Kindle reads update soon enough as I've managed to squeeze in quite a few lately! I normally neglect my Kindle but I've had some really good books sent to me on there recently.

Below are the Goodreads links to these physical copies as well as a little synopsis by myself for your own interest :-)

Motherland by Jo McMillan

A historical fiction novel set during the times of the Cold War, again a history I'm fairly familiar with but haven't read about since I was in school. 
It tells the story of a daughter and her mother, the mother being the only communist in town. A story of what it's like to grow up on the losing side of history.

I really believe this to be a good read, the cover is gorgeous and it's history I am most interested in- I really hope I like it as I think I will.

A Year of Marvellous Ways by Sarah Winman

Ninety year old Marvellous Ways, sits outside of her caravan looking across the lake with her binoculars waiting for something and Freddy Drake a young soldier is on a journey to fulfil a dying friends wish by hand-delivering a letter to the boys father in Cornwall, there he meets Marvellous and an unlikely friendship grows.

This sounds like a really sweet book, something different and perhaps will take me a little while to get into it!

Way Down Dark (The Australia Trilogy #1) by James Smythe 

If you're a fan of The Hunger Games and Divergent, I'm told this is a trilogy for you! The dystopian genre infused with a bit of science fiction, this book tells a survival story of the return back to Earth after being sent to virtually the living hell!
I really think this book holds something promising and I can't wait to read it.

In Their Shoes by Lucie Arnoux

A book full of classic fairy tale and folktales, some of my favourites including the original set in China, one of the Brother Grimm's fairy tales and The Red Shoes by my most favorite children's author Hans Christian Andersen as well as many more! I've almost finished the book after reading one tale each night before bed- if you love fairytales this is the book for you!

You guys know I am rubbish at keeping my word of what books I'm going to read so I'm going to leave my "plan" for July completely open! I have a variety of books to read that I'm sure will hold my interest. I dislike letting myself down by not reading the books I set out to, so I'm giving myself a break and just seeing where the world of literature takes me!

I hope you had a wonderful month in June and I wish you all a very happy month of July! Tell me what you're planning to read this month, I love knowing what you're all reading!

Take care and be back soon! :-)

(Ziggy hates me taking pictures of her- oops!)

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