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Ten Characters Who Are Fellow Book Nerds

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Good morning everyone! How are we all today? I'm in the most wonderful mood, everything seems to be coming together lately and I couldn't be happier!

Now for my favourite day of the week...TOP TEN TUESDAY! Today I am in love with the topic, our fellow book nerds in our most loved books. I can't imagine anyone not having some of these on their lists because they're all so well loved and I'm so glad I managed to find some great gifs to fit in haha! So here are my favourite book nerds...

Hermione Granger

How can anyone forget Hermione? Throughout the Harry Potter books she's reading/studying and finding out clues as to where the next horcrux is! If I ever need a study buddy I'm most certainly going to Hermione- isn't this gif great too?!


I adore this book by Roald Dahl and Matilda is the most impressive bookworm for reading at a very young age to becoming a child prodigy! I love how witty she is and how she outsmarts her parents- brilliant!

Liesel Merminger 

The Book Thief is one of those books that I will never forget, a beautiful story that comes together with books at hand. From Liesel not knowing how to read, to learning and reading a book over and over again. She's a dedicated bookworm, even if she does steal/borrow the majority of her books- needs must!

Jo March 

To any aspiring writers, Jo March is your woman! Her vibrant imagination and storytelling in Little Women is so heart warming, she's a strong willed lady who strives to become an author- massive inspiration to me.

Cath Avery 

The ultimate Fangirl, Cath is the one you can gossip with about your favourite characters in a book- even if it is about the same characters over and over. Get your fanfiction out because Cath will read it (especially if it's magical)!

Catherine Morland 

Catherine, very into her Gothic tales in Northanger Abbey even if they do get the better of her! 

Tyrion Lannister

For a small man, Tyrion is a knowledgeable man and he's not afraid to share either. Often dismissed as a half-man I wouldn't look down upon him, he knows more about the world and probably you than you do!

Hazel Grace Lancaster

'An Imperial Affliction', a book that brings Hazel and Gus together. Hazel will continuously gush about this book, even if the ending is loose ended. Although maybe she'll be better off imagining her own ending rather than asking the author!

Elizabeth Bennett

Let's face it what character in Austenland doesn't enjoy reading? A lot of spare time and not enough fields to keep walking through of an afternoon, reading is the answer to await invitations to dance- even if Mr Darcy refuses!


Okay, so cheating a bit with this one. Pretty sure Belle wasn't originally a bookworm but who cares Disney made her one and I'm fine with this- who needs picture books when you have an imagination?

There we have it everyone, these are my favourite book nerds! I only wish I was half as cool as these great characters, its funny how the majority of them are my favourites in the books too!

So who are your favourite book nerds? Tell me in the comments below and don't forget to share your links so I can check yours out! I love having a peak at your blogs.

Have a great Tuesday everyone! :-)

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