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The Great British Summer Book Tag

Hiya everyone! How are we all doing? I firstly want to apologise for me not keeping up to date with all your blogs, I promise to be more on the ball next week! I've had a busy few days and it's been so difficult to find time to properly sit down and blog, but I'm really happy at the moment. I've been talking to this guy who is beyond lovely, it's early days so who knows what might happen. I'm just enjoying it for now. 

Anyway, before I get all soppy haha, I've been tagged by the lovely Maisie @ Maisie's Marvellous Reviews- so go check her blog out! This tag was originally created by the lovely Gill @ The Happy Reader please check out her blog too! :-)

So this tag consisting of five questions is set to celebrate the Great British Summer...and I'm currently writing this up when it's pouring down with rain- yep that's our summer here in Britain haha! 

1) You've been offered a week's holiday, staying in a five star hotel and being pampered to within an inch of your life on a hot tropical island, all expenses paid (assuming this is your thing)! However, in return you have to give up one of your precious books! And give it up forever, no second copy! What book could you just NOT give up for this great opportunity? 

Oh my, well it's going to have to be One Day by David Nicholls. A beautiful and yet heartbreaking story of two people who meet up on the same day every year for twenty years, Dex and Em, Em and Dex. I love it so much and I'm not willing to give it up for a week in the sun being pampered! 

2) It's one of those rare genuine summer days we have here and you're sitting comfortably on a sun lounger in the garden, it's almost 30 degrees in the shade! You have your feet in a bowl of iced water and a deliciously cool drink in your hand. What book would you want to be reading right at this moment?

Okay so I haven't read The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger for a few years and it's one of those strange, romantic, confusing, heartbreaking, whirlwind of a book. So this for me is definitely a summer read, plenty of things going on to hold my interest and I can swoon over Henry!

3) It's the UK, so the summer isn't always sunny, bright and warm. What book that you weren't especially fond of would make a great umbrella to protect you from those sudden downpours/thunder/lightning/floods we often have? 

I didn't particularly get on with Hush by Stacey R. Campbell as much as I thought it would, I had the impression from it's synopsis that it would be a bit like the Disney film Anastasia (which I loved) but I just didn't click with the characters and there wasn't a lot of development- so sadly this one is going to get soaked!

4) It's a warm, sultry night and you're by yourself on the beach with friends who are all paired off in couples sitting round a campfire chatting and eating overcooked sausages. What book character do you wish you could snuggle up to?

This didn't take long to decide, I know technically he's younger than me but when I read the book he was older okay I'm not being a creeper haha. I choose Augustus Waters from The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, he's adorable, funny and just Gus! I love everything about him and when I read this book I couldn't stop smiling that my cheeks would ache, so yes Gus is who I would happily snuggle up to!

5) One of those rare heatwave hot days of summer has caused the roads to melt, the internet to crash and hoards of mutant, zombie porcupines have taken over your town, as they do! What author would give you the best advice to get out of this sticky situation before you are caught and turned into one yourself?

J.K Rowling of course, I mean she can magic me into the world of Harry Potter so I can find Hermione Granger (want to be safe, don't think I would trust Ron!) and she can place a charm on me so I won't turn into a porcupine! I've got this well planned out haha.

So there we have it everyone, these are my choices for The Great British Summer Book Tag! Thank you for the tag Maisie, and thank you Gill for creating a fun tag.

I'm tagging:

Jess @ Curiouser and Curiouser
Georgia @ Teen Book Hoots
Luna @ Luna's Little Library
Ann @ Books For The Trees

Obviously this isn't compulsory to do haha, but if you fancy doing the tag then make sure you link me so I can read your answers! :-)

Have a great weekend everyone :-)

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