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Discussion: The Balance of Life and Blogging


It feels like forever since I've posted on here and for that I apologise! I want to discuss today with you all about the balance of life and blogging. I adore blogging a lot! However, everything at the moment is a little up in the air, I'm still seeing this guy and we're meeting up again next week- very excited and nervous all over again! I can't help feeling perhaps I'm rushing things, so that's circulating in my mind at the moment. There will always be doubts in relationships, especially long distance one's and maybe I get myself into a state of paranoia which definitely has an impact. So I'm taking a step back and doing what makes me happy but not relying on our relationship to make me happy, if that makes sense? In my eyes whatever will be will be, if it doesn't work out to both our liking well that sucks but I'm not going to dwell on it, especially with me starting my Open University course in October.

Speaking of which, I received the course materials for one of my modules (still waiting for my second module materials) yesterday and it's made me so excited and nervous! I've just finished reading through the handbook and in a little while I'm going to read through the Study Companion before I proceed with looking at the textbooks. I want to do things properly this time round, I feel more ready than ever to start my degree. The little things that worry me are my concentration levels and balancing "work with play" so to speak, I don't want to boggle down and feel oppressed because I have a tonne of assignments to do. I need that healthy balance to stay focussed as I know hard work will pay off! I will be documenting my Open University experience on this blog when I can and have the time, which brings me onto how I'm going to manage this blog.

With the amount of work I will be doing within this course, I know this blog will sadly get a little neglected at times. Of course I don't want that but I can't make any promises to you all either. I have such a huge respect for everyone who reads my blog and has a chat with me, I really do appreciate it and love the friends I've made through my blog. Obviously I won't be reading as much as I would like to but if and when I can, I will still be commenting on all of your blogs and keeping you all up-to-date with regards to what I'm up to. I can assure you now that when I have a week's break from studying I will cram in so much reading! 

What I'm getting at is, I'd like to think this blog will live on and grow. I don't want it to come to a standstill and I sincerely hope that I don't lose my readers who have been so faithful to this blog, I love it when I get lovely people commenting and sharing their thoughts it brings a smile to myself. More importantly I don't want to blog for the sake of it as that will have the dramatic effect of not being a fun read and you will all lose interest, understandably! I want to relieve myself the pressure of having to blog and "pleasing" you all, I want my content to be as inspiring as I would want it to be and something I myself am proud of and a worthwhile read. If I don't like what I've blogged about then neither are you, right?

So I want to hear your thoughts on how you deal with balancing your day-to-day lives and blogging. 

Do you put too much pressure on yourselves to blog? Do you always keep to a schedule? How do you find the time to blog? Does it worry you that readers will lose interest if you have a break from blogging?

Any tips and advice you would like to share please do! After all this is a discussion post and I love reading your thoughts/opinions on anything and we can all help each other out :)

I hope you're all well and again I'm sorry for neglecting this blog and you my loyal readers and friends!

Much love and happiness,

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