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The DUFF by Kody Keplinger


The DUFF by Kody Keplinger ~Goodreads~
Published by Hachette Children's Books 2015
Paperback edition pages ~The Book Depository~

Firstly a note to say thank you to the publisher via Netgalley  for sending me this book, one that I have thoroughly enjoyed!

Seventeen year-old Bianca Piper is smart, cynical, loyal- and well aware that she's not the hot one in her group of friends. But when high-school jock and all round moron, Wesley Rush tells her she's a DUFF- a Designated, Ugly Fat Friend- Bianca does not see the funny side. She may not be a beauty but she'd never stoop so low as to go anywhere near the likes of Wesley...or would she? 

Bianca is about to find out that attraction defies looks and that sometimes your sworn enemies can become your best friends...

I've been put off reading this book for so long and now looking back I have no idea why?! Well, first impressions I immediately knew it was going to be a cheesy high school American romance that was obvious. You know what though? It's so awesome!

We meet Bianca or 'B' as she's referred to as is just like any high school girl, interested in boys, namely Toby Tucker and has a bunch of fun friends to hang out with at a teen bar called 'Nest'.

With any family comes it's problems and Bianca's issue is her Mum swanning off months at a time and her Dad plodding on as usual pretending everything is fine. This soon becomes the center of the book of how Bianca deals with her dysfunctional family- make way for Wesley Rush the hottest jock in Hamilton High. Charming, muscular, the renowned cheeky smug grin every one of those guys seems to pick up on and his reputation of sleeping with anything that moves and not forgetting being a complete ass. Eventually despite their differences, Bianca and Wesley are thrown together thanks to a school project. As expected, it doesn't go quite how either of them thought it out to be!

Bianca being the funny and straight up girl who doesn't take nonsense from anyone, she reminded me a lot of myself at her age (but perhaps not as confident). A wonderful narrator that had me cracking up endlessly, I enjoyed reading how she matured throughout this novel and of her end conclusion of being a DUFF. Wesley was definitely the kind of guy I liked in high school, so for me it brought out many funny and cringe worthy memories of my own. He is the perfect example to not judge a book by it's cover so to speak,  jock's have feelings too y'know!

This book furthered my opinion on how we can all be feel ugly at times but we're in fact all beautiful, regardless as to whether everyone finds us attractive or not. The beauty comes from within and sometimes in the most unlikely of people, corny I know but this book was the right amount of cheese! For a long time I've put off reading cheesy books but my gosh I can't wait to return for more Hamilton High soon!

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