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August 2015 Wrap-Up

I'm not sure where the month of August went really, I seemed to have closed my eyes and just opened them- crazy!

A busy month, not book wise though unfortunately! I managed to read four books which I guess isn't so bad really but I could have read more really.

I've been distracted by my boyfriend Aaron, yes I've called him my boyfriend. Definitely crazy, I never thought I would be in a relationship right now. Everything seems to have come round at once what with me starting my course in October, it's all rather overwhelming hence why I've been slacking with the blog posts recently! I'm happy and we're making it work despite the two hour drive distance, we both have our own lives and we're making time for each other when we can. Here's a not so flattering picture of the both of us, squinty tired eyes:

Anyhow enough of him haha, onto the books I managed to squeeze into August!

A total of four books this month, better than none I have to admit but I still would have liked to have read more. Unfortunately I seemed to hit a bit of a reading slump and I found myself wanting to read everything all at once, I simply couldn't settle and it become rather frustrating.

I read Animal Farm within a day not a problem, it was a mind blowing read. It got me thinking and Orwell seems to capture of interest every time I pick up a book of his, the political instability and panic over communism- fascinating! If you love a gritty read then pick this one up.

With Lesley Pearse's Without A Trace I'm familiar with her writing and it's all rather cute and cuddly, I love these kind of reads and I will always go to her books when I need this kind of read.

Thankfully towards the end of August I decided to give The DUFF a read, a book that has been sitting on my Netgalley reading shelf for a long while now. I felt so silly for leaving it for so long as I thoroughly enjoyed it, funny, romantic and the typical high school romance of the jock and the uncool girl- so well done to Kody for getting me out of my slump!

I started and finished Cinder within a matter of days really, I mean why on earth didn't I begin this series when it had begun? Deary me I'm so behind everyone else but I'm beyond excited to carry on with the series, and you all know how much I love fairy tale retellings!

To read my reviews on these books then please click on the links below :-)

Animal Farm by George Orwell
Without A Trace by Lesley Pearse
The DUFF by Kody Keplinger
Cinder by Marissa Meyer

I've noticed my reviews lately have been rated quite high and I don't want you all to think this is because I've been given them and therefore have to give a good review, that's not the case at all. I just happen to pick up books that I think will be my cup of tea and they are! I wanted to clear this up because even though I do receive ARC's, no way am I going to like them all and suck up to the author and publisher's, that's not something I would ever do. It's not honest and if anything a bit of an insult to not only the author by writing up a fake review but by not being honest with my readers. So I felt that I should clarify this in case some of you are under the impression that I'm like that, if you do have questions for me then don't hesitate to contact me I'm not an ogre I promise!

As book haul's go this must be my smallest one in a while, two of them; the Casey Hill books were given to me from my Gran. I'm presuming they're a thriller/murder mystery genre- a genre we both enjoy very much so I'm looking forward to these!

I'm wanting to revisit an old classic book I read in school (long time ago now), Goodnight Mister Tom. My gosh what a book this is, if you're familiar not familiar with it then I urge you to click on the Goodreads link below and read the synopsis. A truly beautiful story, I could bang on about it forever! 

Nymphs and The Secrets of The Wild Wood were both sent to be- thank you to the publishers!

The Secrets of The Wild Wood is the sequel to The Letter for The King by Tonke Dragt. I'm hoping to post both my review for these two books in the next couple of months- rather a chunky book as you can see!

Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian
Torn by Casey Hill
Taboo by Casey Hill
The Secrets of the Wild Wood by Tonke Dragt
Nymphs by Sari Luhtanen, Miikko Oikkonen

As I have a readathon starting on the 7th check out my TBR for that week here, if I don't end up reading them all on that week well they can take up the rest of the month for sure!

Other plans regarding September are small, I'll hopefully meet up with Aaron sometime when we're both free. At some point I'd like him to meet my parents, so that will be interesting! No doubt I'll keep you all informed on how we're doing.

 I do apologise for neglecting this blog and you my readers, I need to be brought up to date with you all. What's been happening in your lives recently? I'd love to know how you're all doing :-) Much love as always,

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