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Discussion: Book or Film/TV Adaption?


I don't know about you guys but I'm a sucker for a film/tv adaption, perfect examples are Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, Gone Girl, One Day etc. When characters come to life on screen and it's put together well and just how you imagined it, there can be nothing better. Of course not all adaptations are going to be perfect due to most likely economic reasons, not having the right props, location, and maybe even the actors don't quite meet the match of the character described in the book. 


I think anyone is disappointed when an adaption isn't quite what they were expecting, especially when bits from the book are slightly changed and certain silly features like hair colour of a character isn't accurate- daft you might think but sometimes it's the little details that make a huge difference. When you have a thought of how something is going to be portrayed and it turns out completely different, it can really turn your attention away and you lose interest altogether.

Talking of the little things in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Hermione campaigns for the rights of the house elves who work in the kitchens at Hogwarts. I don't know why but even though it wasn't necessarily having any effect on the main plot, it still felt relevant but that's me just being picky I guess- I mean how can you not adore the Harry Potter films?!

Me and my friend Emma were discussing the book The DUFF a couple of days ago and she warned me that the film basically completely changed the plot, so immediately I was turned off by it and I don't think I'll bother watching even though I loved the book. I think that's possibly one of the reasons why some people are put off by adaptations, because they don't want to fall out of love with the book because the film/tv show might ruin it for them. 


A film adaption I loved watching in the past couple of years was The Fault In Our Stars- incredibly hyped etc but I loved it okay! Hazel and Gus were perfect, close to what I would have imagined and from what I remember of the book it was accurate and a faithful adaption to the book. 

On the other hand I have come across adaptations that have surprised me by being better than the book. We all come across a book we can't get on with at all or they're such big books that we struggle to concentrate fully on the detail, but the the film/tv show is brought out and it turns out we quite like it. An example I can think of is with The Song of Ice and Fire series, I'm slowly making my way through the books (because they're huge!) and well Kit Harrington (dayum!) so happened to star in the adapted tv show Game of Thrones and yeah, I love the tv show a lot haha- not just because of Kit might I add! By no means am I saying I'm not enjoying the books, I think so far the books are in tremendous detail and I'm taking it all in. I just want to take my time and appreciate them, rather than rush through and not understand it all. I've been told that some things in the book don't happen in the tv show, so that'll be interesting to pick up on.

Perhaps I expect too much of an a adaptation I mean, the directors/producers/actors and everyone involved can't get it spot on every time can they? Budgets can hinder this a great deal amongst other reasons, so are there perhaps some books you just simply cannot take to the screen? What books can you think of? I feel that the Twilight saga shouldn't have been turned into films, I didn't enjoy them except looking at the hot actors in it but even they bored me. I enjoyed the books at the time that I read them and the films seemed to have been made into a mockery of the story, unpopular opinion maybe? I did consider re-reading Twilight and then I realised how cringeworthy it is but when I first read the books I loved them so I'm going to leave it at that, some books you read at a point in your life where you think they're perfect and when you return to them it's just not the same. Even vice versa, some books you need to read when you have a better understanding.

So what do you all think about adaptations? Like them, hate them? Not bothered by them, or perhaps like me you enjoy some of them and the rest well you'd rather they didn't exist! Either way tell me your thoughts in the comments I love reading your opinions on these discussion posts, have a great day! :-)


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