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Fight or Flight (Out of Orbit # 2) by Chele Cooke

Fight or Flight by Chele Cooke ~Goodreads~
Published by Createspace 2014
Paperback edition 398 pages ~Book Depository


“This is nowhere near over. This is just the beginning.”

Georgianna Lennox is now a slave, serving an Adveni master and caught in the middle of a brewing war between oppressors and insurgents.

As the rebels increase their attacks against the Adveni, Georgianna is recruited as their eyes behind enemy lines.

But the lies she is forced to tell her owner are nothing compared to the secrets she must keep from her friends.

Secrets that could change the war in their favour, and lies that might destroy them all.


Leaving Dead and Buryd behind, Georgianna has been buryd for her participation of enabling two Adveni slaves to escape. Not only this but she's under the impression she was let down by those who she believed to be her friends and left to fester without news from the outside world...

Georgianna learns that life inside Lindbury are hard, you live or you die simple as the brutal reality of prison life and its hierarchy is more than she could have ever imagined- as much as the hold the Adveni have on the Veniche people. The only way Georgianna knows she'll survive is to befriend and form alliances with the most undesirable inmates, but if its a chance to live what choice does she have? 

Sold into slavery, hopping from one prison to the next nothing seems to be stable for Georgianna. Now being in the go-between position of knowing both Adveni and Veniche members, the Belsa rebel group are keen to exploit.

Full of betrayal, cowardice and confidence, there were times in this book where I felt annoyed towards Georgianna but for the most part I felt sorry for her and even afraid for her at times too at one point I thought she was going to give up altogether. 

Much of the book was focussed on Georgianna in prison and how she was going to get out, the prison seemed a bit strange at times and not so straightforward. I'm definitely more fascinated to know more of this Edtroka character, my attention was more focussed on him than Georgianna despite him not featuring an awful lot in the book and I guess my only frustration was wanting more of Edtroka in the book, probably the most fascinating character so far in the series.

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