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Out of Oribt Series by Chele Cooke Blog Tour and Giveaway!


 I am thrilled to be part of this wonderful blog tour of Chele Cooke's Out of Orbit series! 

When I was read the synopsis of the first book Dead and Buryd I just knew these books were the perfect read for me; fantasy, sci-fi dystopian vibes- all the genres I adore reading...

"You are an inmate, not a medic. You should get used to that."

On the plant of Os-Veruh, the native Veniche have endured a decade under the oppressive rule of a race of invaders, the Adveni.
When Georgianna Lennox, a Veniche medic, discovers her childhood friend has been sold into slavery, she seeks help from a revolutionary outlaw group.
As Georgianna's struggle to save one life ignites a battle to liberate her homeworld, is she about to discover that it is better to be dead than 'buryd'? 



As I have reviewed the whole series I want to give you an overall review of the series as a whole, however by clicking on the links below the covers you'll be able to read my individual reviews for each book!

I found this series to be the most original dystopian sci-fi novel that I've read in a long while, Cooke has created a unique world of friends becoming enemies and enemies becoming friends.

Our protagonist Georgianna doesn't have things given to her easily and by no means is she this superhero figure, she's human. At times she was annoying and a coward, other times she was brave, determined and downright amazing. 

A revolution to free innocent people from an oppressed state, it's a story that brings out the fighter in you.

If you love science fiction and dystopian books then this is the series to read, I thoroughly enjoyed reading these books and I'm excited to find out how it all ends...

About the author

Part time author and full time fantacist, Chele Cooke is a sci-fi, fantasy and paranormal author living in London, UK.
 While some know they want to write stories since childhood, Chele first started writing as a teenager writing fan-fiction and role-playing. Before long playing in other people's worlds wasn't enough and she started creating her own. Living in San Francisco at the time, she found a lot of inspiration in her favourite city, some of which can be found in her books. With a degree in Creative Writing, Chele's first novel was published in 2013. 
She currently has three books published: two books in a sci-fi series, Out of Orbit and the first book of a vampire serial, Teeth.

Chele's Links



A full set of the Out of Orbit series in paperback and a £25 Amazon gift card!
There are also ten ebook sets of the Out of Orbit series up for grabs too.

Just click on the link below to enter:

Out of Orbit Giveaway Link

Good luck!

Many thanks to Faye Rogers for inviting me to read this wonderful trilogy and to be a part of this blog tour!

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