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Blogmas #3 Gingerbread House Constructing

It's that time of the year when any excuse of food is totally acceptable. My brother's lovely girlfriend Vicky bought me this gingerbread house kit and I decided today was the day, I was having one of them days where I wanted something to eat but I couldn't quite put my finger on what and then BAM this cheeky box caught my eye from the cupboard...

These kits have everything you need with them (apart from the artistic skills I seem to have misplaced them), so all you need to do is put it together...

Okay so from these pictures I made it look quite easy but oh my it certainly isn't, the amount of times I wanted to demolish this thing I swear- but hey that's part of the fun right? I certainly had fun and it brought out my creative side, something I don't exercise often. I try to do arts and crafts but often my patience runs out, something like baking or decorating like this is definitely therapeutic I recommend this to anyone who needs a bit of chill out time!


 By this point I wanted to just eat the gingerbread and forget about the decorating- it smelt amazing!

Now I'm older I'm more prone to reading books and baking Christmas cookies, mince pies and sausage rolls-they're always a must in my household around this time of the year. 

Do you have any food traditions around Christmas time? Do you make them yourself or get them pre-made?

I'm sitting here thinking of what other creative things I can do this Christmas (suggestions welcome!), I'm already re-reading Harry Potter which so far is brilliant. I've almost forgot how much great detail they go into, all the the little things seem to matter so much. I mean even Peeves the poltergeist is brilliant, I so wish he was included in the films.

 I always find with gingerbread house kits like this you always try and make the end design look like the version on the box, at least I do anyway. I seem to presume that if I don't I'm just doing it wrong and it's not acceptable haha- daft right?

Anyway here is the end product me and Vicky ended up with...

I'd like to think you'd agree that it's rather pretty? Vicky was most definitely the best at icing, I haven't got a steady hand at all so mine kept dripping everywhere!

Even if this seems like a childish thing to do it's not just being creative but a social time as well.

I don't always get the chance to talk to Vicky one on one and so it was relaxing and fun to just talk with her about anything and tease each other as to who's side of the gingerbread house looked the best (definitely Vicky's I must confess!).

What Christmas creations do you enjoy doing? Are there some creative things I could do during Christmas? I'm open to all suggestions, I did think of crocheting something but I always run out of yarn so quickly! 

I'm now going to make myself sick with gingerbread and watch The Santa Clause!

Have a wonderful evening everyone.

Hugs and festive love,

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