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Blogmas #7 Christmas Decorations and Festive Update

Hello everyone, six more sleeps until Christmas has arrived!  

I'm starting to get the last bits towards my Christmas shopping this week, not much more to go just the little things like chocolate, socks (of course!), bath bombs and other various gifts. I am however thinking of doing homemade gifts next year just because it's more personal and it's an excuse to be more creative...7

I like the idea of making homemade fudge, bath bombs, cookies, scarves, sloe gin, sloe whisky and other various ideas I've got rattling around my head

I definitely feel a lot more Christmassy now all our decorations are up...

I've also finished my last two assignments for my OU course this week, so as you can imagine I'm feeling very accomplished right now. I have over a month until new assignments are due so I have a bit of time to relax and enjoy the holiday season, hopefully I'll be able to spend some time with friends before the New Year too. Sadly it's not likely I'll be able to see Aaron, I'm feeling a little bit sad because of it. I would love to see him before the New Year. Unfortunately we can't have it all, if anything being in a long distance relationship has made me appreciate things a lot more. I mean even if we could see each other for just five minutes I'd be happy, crazy and mushy I know!

I have two more days of work, tomorrow (Sunday) and then for a few hours on Christmas Eve (Thursday) so I can't complain really! I'm thankful today wasn't as busy as I anticipated, everyone was pleasant to each other too which made a change.

I'm about to write a list of new things I want to try out and aim for in 2016, bookish and just life in general. I'd like to be more adventurous and push myself, and not be afraid of show others what ideas I have other various things.

I know this post is rather reminiscent and a sort of organiser for my brain but I like to reflect and lay out what plans I have, and of course it's nice to share with you all what I'm up to other the festive season and my plans for the coming year.

I hope you're having a great weekend!

Hugs and festive love,

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