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Happy Holidays

Good evening my wonderful readers, it's Christmas Eve and I've settled into bed with Bridget Jones on in the background- she is most definitely my spirit animal.

I apologise now that I have stepped into her shoes of drinking wine all evening, so if this post seems rather ridiculous then alcohol is my excuse!

I enjoy Christmas Eve the most of the holidays, the anticipation of Christmas Day, carols, eating sausage rolls and mince pies my Mum has made with a big glass of wine- what could be more perfect?

My best friend Mollie came round this evening to drop round my Christmas presents and as always she spoils me (Christmas gift post coming soon!), even though she lives away for university we try our best to keep in touch but sadly it's not always as regular as we'd like. However, regardless of this we remain the bestest of friends and this is what I love about this time of year. Everyone puts their differences aside and shares the love, I enjoy seeing family members and friends and just sharing the joy that this time of year brings...

Admittedly this year would be even more special if Aaron my boyfriend could join us, sadly he's not but I hope when I do see him soon we'll have our own special Christmassy time together. I'm all about family and loyalty me, but he seems to not be as close with his as I am with mine. Not everyone is the same, I just wish I could be there with him- alas this is the drink talking so I'll quit while I'm ahead.

Anyway, I wish you all a very Happy Christmas! Thank you for being such wonderful loyal readers, I appreciate you all so much and I want you to see this as me giving you a massive virtual hug- I love you all!

Love and Chrismassy hugs,

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