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Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets by J.K Rowling/Re-read

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K Rowling ~Goodreads~
Published by Bloomsbury 1998
Paperback edition 384 pages ~The Book Depository~

Harry Potter can't wait for his holidays with the dire Dursley's to end. But a small, self-punishing house-elf warns Harry of moral danger awaiting him at Hogwarts. Returning to the castle nevertheless, Harry hears a rumour about a Chamber of Secrets, holding unknown horrors for wizards of Muggle parentage. Now someone is casting spells that turn people to stone, and a terrible warning if found painted on the wall. The chief suspect- always in the wrong place- is Harry. But something much more terrifying has yet to be unleashed.
I know it's atrocious to say that you have a least favourite Harry Potter book, for me it is the Chamber of Secrets. Now before you abolish me on your following list, hear me out...

I gave it five stars and I still give it five stars because it is amazing I know it is, my point is that out of all of the series this is the book I'm not so warm with. There's no particular reason either, I mean I'm the girl that has Order of the Phoenix as my favourite Harry Potter book- unpopular opinion I know! So I can't win either way but I wanted to clear that up before I get misinterpreted. 

Harry is desperate to get back to Hogwarts until Dobby the house-elf appears in his bedroom telling him not to return because a terrible plot is about to unfold. This doesn't deter Harry but having being locked up by the Dursleys he can't see how he's going to get back to Hogwarts anyhow, until our faithful brilliant friend Ron Weasley and his brother's Fred and George come to the rescue.

Returning to school, strange goings on of people being 'petrified' by an unknown monster hidden with in the school. Throughout the book we begin to learn more of Harry's past and his connection to Lord Voldemort.  

Breaking fifty school rules, Harry and his friends come to the rescue!

What I find most striking about this second book in the series is the progress and growing up that occurs within each character, Harry comes out of his shell a lot more. His brave Gryffindor traits come out and despite being doubted by those around him he's adamant to prove them wrong and to show everyone he is the good guy, even if he does have peculiar talents that no one else is able to do. This situation brings to light how children deal with unfamiliarity that they see in one another, but with understanding and consideration they overcome what they once thought as strange to be something rather unique and fascinating.

A brilliant book with no faults I can think of and I'd be surprised if you could find one, I can't wait to re-read it again.

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